You’re doing great, kid.

Does your organization use Sage ERP Accpac or Sage ERP MAS  but you have still not installed your FREE Sage CRM (SageCRM) server and activated integration? How many reasons do you need?

Let’s run down the top ten:

  1. The Sage CRM server is FREE to you, as a customer current with Sage Software assurance.
  2. The first Sage CRM user is also FREE.
  3. Sage CRM comes with a FREE (did I mention any free features yet?) AR Collections add-on, a huge boon to aid in the hunting and gathering of receivables.
  4. Sage CRM integration is LOADED with a ton of immediately useful features, giving you tools to manage your business more effectively and efficiently.
  5. Sage CRM is a dreamy application: record communications and notes, file documents, create and execute marketing campaigns, all while seamlessly integrating to your existing Sage ERP Accpac or Sage ERP MAS system.
  6. Customer/vendor-facing transactions can be executed from SageCRM: sales orders, RMAs, purchase orders and more. This gives your sales and operations teams the transactional access they need while providing the entire view of the company that SageCRM provides.
  7. Customer/vendor financial health is also available in quick lookup Sage CRM tabs. Empower your sales team with the financial lookups they need while staying in the context of their larger, customer-world housed in Sage CRM.
  8. Make a change in Sage ERP Accpac or MAS and the same change automatically occurs in Sage CRM and vice versa.
  9. Get out of the gray-area of managing prospects. Instead of keeping them in spreadsheets or prematurely setting them up in Sage ERP Accpac or MAS, enter them in Sage CRM, move them through your pipeline and automatically “promote” to your ERP system when it’s time to book a sale.
  10. In most environments, Sage CRM can be installed and integrated with Sage ERP Accpac or Sage ERP MAS in less than a day.

Those ten rolled off like water off a duck’s back – perhaps this list should be expanded to 100?

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