He shall bother you no more.

Communication is constantly evolving. A great example of this is ‘tweeting’.

As you know, in today’s marketing world, social media is the reigning king of communication. Businesses of all sizes have seen success with marketing campaigns based solely in social media websites. Among the most successful is Twitter.

Stripped of customizable web pages and photo albums, Twitter keeps communication as its focus giving users 140 characters at a time to distribute their message to the world. Proof once again that marketing campaigns don’t need to be flashy to be effective.

Twitter is the latest form of communication to be integrated into Sage CRM (SageCRM) to increase your control of communication and social media with the world. The Sage CRM for Twitter Component lets you manage all your Twitter activity right inside Sage CRM.

With this latest component you can log in, check, reply and update status, all from inside Sage CRM. The ability to see who your prospects, customers and partners are interacting with has been made easy.

It also makes it simple to share your company’s Twitter accounts with coworkers instead of having to type out an email or draft up another sticky note to share password information. With this ability, the status of marketing efforts and client or partner communication is completely transparent and accessible to all.

Beyond simplifying another communication process and placing it under your control in Sage CRM, by far the most unique feature within the Sage CRM for Twitter Component is the ability to save your client or partner’s tweets against their record. This means every time they tweet something relevant to your business, you can add that to their Sage CRM record for future reference.

For example, imagine one of your customers using their 140 characters to express their love for Snuggies. Simply add this nugget of knowledge to their record and when your next meeting arrives you may casually let them know your company is offering free Snuggies to the first 5 individuals that re-sign a contract with you. The possibilities for the information usage are limitless.

The Sage CRM for Twitter Component, along with several other useful add-ons, is available for free from the Sage CRM Add-ons section at the Sage CRM Community Website.