Selling is the name of the business game but, in a world with iPhones and internet-enabled everything, it’s increasingly easier to get distracted in any work environment. Your goal is to keep your sales team focused on selling.

Having tasks laid out for your team can minimize the chance of  anything slipping by. The following 5 Sage CRM (SageCRM) automation methods will  keep your sales team focused and winning the game.

Sage CRM can automatically create tasks in the salesperson’s calendar when an opportunity reaches a specific stage in the sales process. There may be multiple people in your company dealing with a single sale and if, as example, someone updates an opportunity into the negotiation stage, the system can auto-create a task in your salesperson’s calendar to start those negotiations and to notify all the salespeople that negotiations have begun.

Sage CRM can automatically send emails to the salesperson when customer follow-ups are needed. Your salesperson might be on the road and might not have easy access to Sage CRM (unless they have an iPhone or Android enabled Smartphone!).

If a sale is moving through the pipeline, the Sage CRM system can send your salesperson an e-mail if the status of an opportunity changes while they are on the road.

Text Messages
Sage CRM can automatically send a text message to the salesperson’s phone when a customer service issue has been created by one of their accounts. Let’s say you have an outward-facing customer portal (built using Sage CRM Self-Service). When your customer logs in and creates an issue ticket, you can instantly send a text message alerting the account manager.

On-Screen Reminders
Sage CRM can automatically create on-screen messages to remind your salesperson to contact a customer who hasn’t been contacted within an acceptable number of days. As example, if a particular customer has not been contacted 5 days after a proposal was sent, Sage CRM can add a red alert at the top of your screen to contact this customer so they don’t get lost in the shuffle.

Late Payment Notifications
Sage CRM can automatically create a warning message for customers who are on-hold with the accounting department for past due invoices. This is a great way for sales to be aware of what’s happening in the back office without having to check with the accounting department before every call.

These are just some of the ways that you can use Sage CRM automation methods to keep your sales team focused and driving home sales.