The business world is evolving rapidly. These days, we see businesses running 24 hours a day, with new and old customers in need of services around the clock.

Regardless of the age or size of your business, it can be a challenge to keep all of your relationships organized so everyone in your company can remain on the same page with customer interactions, status and activity. Sage CRM (SageCRM) is not only a solution but an evolution for your business.

So what is Sage CRM anyway? At Azamba, we are typically focused on the fine details of our favorite software solution but it occurred to me that our new readers might need a little background.

At its basic level, Sage CRM is a company-wide management software solution to track, organize and automate all information and interactions with customers and associates by employees at all levels of business through mutually used technology, eliminating the potential for human errors often associated with traditional communication and file organization. All of the records created through these communications are available in one spot at anytime. Additionally, meeting reminders, email alerts and marketing campaigns are all managed inside Sage CRM as well.

The time and funds saved through the integration of Sage CRM removes the wasted time of micro-managing your projects through several incompatible softwares to achieve one goal. Who wouldn’t rather spend their time focusing on other crucial aspects of your business such as new customer acquisition or business development and expansion?

Sage CRM’s uniqueness comes in its adaptability to your business environment. Unlike other software solutions, Sage CRM will not force you to do things their way, instead, you are the one in control.

Sage CRM is easy to use even for the not so tech savvy. An intuitive dashboard allows any user to dive right in and get to work. And forget the days of navigating through files and files to find a single document or note. Customizable search options put all your customer information at your fingertips.

Used by over 10,000 organizations and growing at a rapid pace, Sage CRM offers an effective and efficient way for you to increase visibility and control to maximize your sales, customer service and marketing efforts and increase your profitability.

Beyond the basics, what is it that Sage CRM can do specifically for YOUR business? I know a few experts that can help you out with that answer.