Learn about Sage CRM for Sage Pro


If you’re using Sage Pro ERP and have a separate CRM system (such as Act!, Goldmine, or Riata), this article is for you. Get the details about Sage CRM for Sage Pro here.

Technology keeps the organism that we call “business” interconnected and communication between your different departments is crucial. As example, when a sale is made, the shipping department needs to know to send the order and in which quantities. The same way it’s important your salesperson should know the orders on hand for a customer along with sales history and what invoices have been paid or are still open.

But are your salespeople privy to that information? How can they obtain it without human intervention? In most cases, someone needs to run a report for them. If this is the case, the information is not ‘live’ and can potentially be outdated before they obtain it.

Sage CRM is a web-based Customer Relationship Management solution that integrates seamlessly, and by the same manufacturer as, Sage Pro ERP. Sage CRM for Sage Pro reports real-time data both from its own database and what it reports on from Sage Pro.

Sage CRM  includes three major areas: Sales Automation, Marketing Automation, and Customer Care. The sales area allows you to make and manage sales opportunities, forecast and report.

Marketing helps you get new customers, market to existing ones, track ROI and send out email blasts.

Customer Care provides a full trouble ticket/issues system that can be as elaborate as a separate portal that allows your customers/vendors/partners to report and track their own issues.

Sage CRM for Sage Pro ERP includes Outlook Integration.¬† It can also be accessed by PDA’s. It’s a flexible, available, easy-to-use solution that was developed and meant to be used with what you already own.