If you find yourself sending out the last follow-up email to your sales people closer to 12:00 AM than 12:00 PM, Sage CRM will help you take your time back.

With Sage CRM, you can keep track your employee’s actions any time of day without endless email conversations during dinner. Sage CRM allows you to enter every note, email exchange, purchase, contract and negotiation documentation directly in the system. These items are logged against the customer record and make checking the status of an account quick and painless. The time saved with this feature frees up your employees to pursue new customers.

Insufficient filing systems keep you and your employees busy for all the wrong reasons. Storing all your documentation in Sage CRM prevents your team from wasting time rummaging through Outlook email folders and sticky notes for bits of critical account information. As long as it’s logged into Sage CRM, you won’t spend your evening looking for one missing conversation erroneously saved in the wrong folder. It’s all there under the customer’s record.

Storing documentation under your customer’s record also prevents losing critical information. If you aren’t using Sage CRM, what happens when of your top employees leaves the company? All the knowledge and documentation for the customers they handled becomes a scattered puzzle across their email and desktop only your lost employee can solve. Gathering one customer’s information is time consuming, piecing together a dozen customer’s files is nearly impossible. Managing your customer’s records in Sage CRM allows a new employee to painlessly pick up right where the old one left off.

You can avoid end-of-day catch-up with your employees too. Sage CRM features a unique workflow system to track the status of any sale in progress. Instead of calling or meeting with each of your employees for a break down, you can log in to Sage CRM and check the status instantly. The more employees you are monitoring, the more time you’re saving.

Say goodbye to your end-of-day phone-Outlook sync. Sage CRM is integrated with Outlook so your calendar and appointments are always in sync without the need to log into Outlook, a computer or plug in your phone to transfer data. Schedule meetings and file emails in Sage CRM and they appear in their correct time slot in Outlook. This functionality is available on Sage CRM for iPhone or Android so scheduling anything outside of the office is simple.

Sage CRM can put your mind at ease when you are away from the office with a Self-Service Portal. Creating a Self-Service Portal for your customers in Sage CRM is assurance that your customers are being taken care of during off-hours. The Portal gives your customers access to their account to review orders, shipments and send non-urgent messages to your staff.

The time saving features of Sage CRM can help you keep your phone in your pocket and your mind away from business during dinner. Integrating a Sage CRM system gives you a better grasp on your company and employees while giving you time to focus on something outside of the office, worry-free.