When you are ready to purchase a CRM solution, it’s important to choose a partner you trust to install your system properly. Not all CRM partners are created equal. Finding a partner that understands what your business needs and how to properly implement your CRM system is crucial to your success.

Does Your CRM Partner Stand Out?

This may be a rough quality to determine. Word of mouth or recommendations can help narrow the field down, but what if you are solo on your search? Examine which solutions the partner works with, if they specialize in one particular CRM, chances are they’re extremely knowledgeable of that CRM solution. Look for specialized training, support plans and their history. Unique partners tend to be active and helpful well before you sign a check. If their website and presentation blends together with a dozen others, keep looking.

Does the Partner Focus On CRM?

Some partners may offer several CRM solutions, some offer one. Others lump CRM together with several types of software and solutions. A partner that is not solely focused on CRM, specifically one CRM solution, may not have the knowledge and ability you need to get your system implemented properly. It’s not uncommon for a partner with little CRM knowledge to bring in another, expert partner to help them with the project. Do you prefer working with one company or bringing in a second partner because your first choice doesn’t have the experience to properly install CRM?

Will They Be Around Next Year?

There are hundreds of CRM partners out there. Some may not be around next year. Make sure you are familiar with your partner’s history to determine they will be around for the long haul. If your partner disappears six months after the implementation, you could find yourself in a disastrous situation a year down the line. Look for a well-established partner with a solid CRM history, these are all indicators of a company you don’t have to worry about going under overnight.

Are They Easy To Work With?

It’s no secret: you do business with people you like. If you are a business owner, it’s unlikely you would hire somebody, no matter how qualified, if they rub you the wrong way during the interview. Why make an exception for your CRM partner? Go with your instincts. If you are treated like a number or with an attitude, move on. It’s unlikely in any relationship to see behavior like this do anything but get worse as you work together.

These simple thinking points will take you a long way. Buying a soda at the corner store from a clerk you don’t particularly like dealing with is easy, the transaction only takes  a moment. When purchasing a CRM system, it’s important to remember you will be interacting with that partner quite often through the process, choose wisely.