How you purchase your software is important and making the right discussion when buying CRM can impact your bottom line. Sage has options that can fit any budget and style. You can purchase Sage CRM in the Cloud or On-Premise. The option you choose for your business weighs heavily on how your organization is structured: your CRM partner can help you make the best decision. What sets Sage CRM apart from Dynamics and is your ability to purchase a monthly subscription bases or by the purchasing user licenses.

That’s right, CRM with options! Sage CRM has Standard or Advanced licensing, giving you the option to select the level of functionality you desire. Sage also gives you the option to purchase Named or Concurrent user licenses: Microsoft Dynamics CRM and do not.

What is a Named License?

A Named User License is a license that is assigned to one user in your organization.  That license can only be used by the named user regardless if they are logged in or not.  There are no limits to how many Named users you can have in the system since everyone has their own assigned license. Named Licenses are ideal for organization with the need to have everyone accessing their CRM system simultaneously.

What is a Concurrent License?

Concurrent user license is a purchased license that can be used by anyone in your company. The concurrent licenses are shared by anyone who needs to use the system. This is a great option for companies that have multiple users but only need access at certain times. For example, if you have 50 employees that need to use CRM but only 13 of them will ever use CRM at the same time then you can buy 13 Concurrent user licenses.

The ability to purchase Concurrent licenses is huge. Concurrent user licensing allows you the power to purchase Sage CRM at a lower cost if the total number of users in the system at any time will be less than the total number of CRM users in your organization. Often, businesses with this structure find Concurrent licenses give them the software they need at a much better price.

The licensing options of Sage CRM make it a strong competitor on price against other CRM solutions. Beyond its unique functionality, Sage saves you money by offering greater flexibility and choice when purchasing CRM.  Multiple ways to purchase Sage CRM puts the power in your hands to select the most cost effective way to invest in CRM. This is your business and Sage allows you to make the decisions that best fit your needs.