How to Keep Your Sage CRM Data Clean with a Record Merge


The most effective way to keep Sage CRM easy to navigate and maintain is to keep your records clean. Sage CRM provides warnings when a duplicate record is being entered. However, all it takes is a co-worker in a hurry for the weekend to ignore the warning message and re-enter a record that already exists.

Having two records for the same person or company in your system can result in a lot of confusion. Notes and proposals in one duplicate record and not the other may be missed by your salespeople. Human error is inevitable. Sage CRM has built in a simple way to merge records to correct these mistakes and keep your records accurate.

  • Use the Find function under the Administration tool bar on the left hand side and search by the company name. This will bring up the duplicate records. It’s up to you to determine which record is the Source and which is the Destination. The source is the record that will be copied and deleted. The destination is the record that will remain and absorb the information from the source. Typically, the company record with more information (Persons, Communications, and Notes) is chosen as the destination.
  • Once you have chosen you destination record, click Change on the right-hand tool bar. When the change screen appears, click Merge Company on the right-hand tool bar. Merge Company will appear in the center of the screen. In the Source field, type in the name of the source company you’d like to merge. When you find the source record click Save.
  • Check the destination record to ensure there is no duplicate information. If you have duplicated a person record, choose which you would like as the destination and source. Choose the destination record, click Change on the right-hand toolbar and then Merge Person. Merge Person will appear in the center of the screen. Type in the name of the person you’d like to merge in the source field.

When merging a person record, you have the option to keep the original source record (which is not recommended) and choose which information you’d like to pull over. This lets you safeguard your record from duplicating Leads, Cases, Communications, Opportunities and Notes that may be in both the source and destination records. Check the box of each piece of information you’d like to pull over to the destination record and click Save.

If you come across a duplicate record, it only takes three simple steps to keep your Sage CRM records clean if a mistake is made. Keeping your records orderly is one of the best ways to make sure your company is using Sage CRM to its fullest potential and to avoid any errors that may result from the confusion of duplicated records.