Celebrate Spring with a Change to Sage CRM Version 7.3


Spring is here and everyone we talk to seems to be making new, updated plans right now. Considering how mixed-up the weather has been here in Chicago lately, I think we’re all ready for a new beginning. In your business, that beginning can start with a helpful software upgrade to Sage CRM version 7.3.

We know, we’re your CRM resellers, so we’re always pushing you to upgrade. However, we have a reason for that: the software keeps getting better. You’ve had your reasons for upgrading before, and here are the seven latest and greatest reasons you should strongly consider an upgrade to Sage CRM version 7.3.

1. More Emails

Enhance your email effectiveness with the all-new marketing integration link between MailChimp and Sage CRM. MailChimp is one of the top free email email service providers, and businesses of all sizes love it because it’s so flexible, easy to use – and it even offers automation.

2. Increased Mobile Flexibility

Some of your team has iPhones. Some of them have Android phones. Some of them have an Android and an iPhone (we don’t ask why). With Sage CRM version 7.3, all of your team can cash in on the benefits of mobile CRM, because the CRM app will run on both iOS and Android operating systems.

3. Improved Sales Workflows

These days, the sales process can be pretty long and complex – and hard to keep track of! With improved workflows, you can avoid a situation in which you accidentally forget or neglect your leads, no matter how long the sales process is.

4. Sharper Insight

Data drives all our business processes these days, so it’s only natural that data should drive your CRM as well. In Sage CRM version 7.3, your team will have access to more detail and options in your dashboards and reports, so all the data is easy to see and understand.

5. Updated Updates (Yup, that’s what we said)

KPIs and better data are all well and good, but you shouldn’t have to waste your time hunting down your data so that you can get an update. Luckily, the new CRM upgrade offers real-time alerts and notifications about your KPIs’ status and progress, which can help you to modify or redirect your efforts immediately when you need to.

6. Snazzy New Look

You’ve upgraded before, so you know that each upgrade offers better navigation, a better look and feel, and more modern controls. While it may seem silly to upgrade a program based on looks, we all know that programs that are easier to navigate are also easier to learn, plus easier navigation saves time.

7. Convenient Offline Capability

Sometimes you need to access customer information on a plane. Or in a dead zone. Or in an underground car parking lot. Having no bars can make it hard to update or access important customer data, but with the new offline CRM functionality for iPhone, you’ll be able to make updates on the fly (even when you’re literally flying).

Ready to Make a Change?

The weather is about to warm up, the second quarter is almost here, and it is definitely time for a change that’ll kickstart your sales team’s productivity. Get your business on the fast track to sales success with an upgrade to your Sage CRM system.


Learn more about Sage CRM version 7.3 when you download the fact sheet, or contact the CRM experts at Azamba to get all the details and a personalized recommendation on whether or not your company should make the switch.