Learn about Advanced Security Management in Sage CRM


With technology moving at warp speed and small and medium-sized businesses competing with each other and with companies across the globe, few aspects of your operations are as important as systems and data security.

And even those fortunate not to experience internal threats within their own firms know the potential loss of reputation and revenue that can come from one rogue employee.

So your Sage CRM solution–the centerpiece of your sales, marketing and customer service operations–must utilize advanced security management, so you can sleep at night knowing at least one impediment to your growth goals is in check.

To manage security access rights across your organization, you can establish Security Profiles with Sage CRM. If applicable, you may also set up “Security Territories”.

These do not aggregate employees but reflect the structure of your company. Each user is assigned a profile (and possibly a home territory) based on his or her job responsibilities.

Within the Sales Profile, for instance, you may give users the rights to view, update and insert companies, people, communications and opportunities. If you need to withdraw any of these rights or extend others, you only need to make a single change for all users designated with the Sales Profile to experience the revision.

We are hosting a live webinar Nov. 2 at 11 AM CT to teach Sage CRM users how to add or delete security and territory profiles, add a security or territory profile to a user, and define on a more granular level the records and rules attached to territories.


Please view the on-demand webinar “Advanced Security Management.”


As always, you may contact Azamba Consulting Group any time with questions about Sage CRM security.