Vendors Need to Share the Good News, SMBs Have to Overcome Their Fear


The cloud increases accessibility to CRM users at an affordable price. So why is there a measly rate of 10% to 15% of CRM adoption among companies of all sizes?

Unfortunately CRM vendors have not educated corporate America enough on the benefits to be had from CRM. A sales pitch from Azamba aside, CRM has improved greatly in the past 10 years. Even Sage CRM, long a gold standard, has reached far beyond its initial promise of a shared database for sales and customer service. But many companies still mistake the three-letter acronym for a four-letter word.

Admittedly small and medium-size businesses that lack experience with cross-functional, cloud-based solutions think CRM adoption is beyond their budgets. Fifty-two percent of respondents to a recent survey by Insightly said they believe CRM is too expensive for their businesses to implement.

And there’s a real fear factor about moving away from an exclusive use of Excel and email. The 85% of SMBs that rely on these general solutions supplement them with manually scribbled notes and think they’re doing the best they can. They think CRM adoption is for companies with big sales teams and grand customer bases.

We at Azamba Consulting Group commit to better informing our clients and SMB fence sitters. We can talk cost and ROI. We can talk benefits for mom-and-pop shops to fledgling startups. And we can consult. In fact, consulting is our middle name. An unflinching part of our success coaching is keeping you apprised of integrative technology and improved usability while partnering with you to prove a return on your investment.

More small businesses are moving to digital prospecting and sales. Even companies without field sales forces may have remote reps who need immediate, anywhere access to sales and marketing data. Now is the best time to leverage a CRM solution to work for you.


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