Improve Sales Management to Increase Cross-Selling and Upselling


Selling is important enough to your business, but effective cross-selling and upselling can mean the difference between running a small business and growing a small business. Learn how you can supercharge your sales team’s power with sales management for Sage CRM.

1. Increased Focus

With contact and sales performance data available at their fingertips, your salespeople will finally have the freedom to follow up on leads as soon as they’re ready. For a talented salesperson, less time spent on administrative tasks means more time spent closing, which helps you build your business faster. Sage CRM gives your team access to:

  • Auto-generated sales proposals and quotes
  • Attractive templates that enhance professionalism
  • Mobile CRM for on-the-go sales and follow up

2. Automated Sales Tools

Real-time visibility leads to real-time sales, and with Sage CRM your sales team can instantly access a snapshot of all opportunities within the pipeline. Combined with out-of-the-box or easily customizable dashboards personalized to each salesperson’s needs, your sales team can automatically deliver follow-up activities and monitor responsiveness as prospects progress down the funnel. With Sage CRM, your team will have:

  • Lead tracking from capture to close
  • Automatic lead routing based on territories
  • Automated follow-up activities

3. 360-Degree Visibility

When you empower your sales and customer service teams with full, end-to-end customer and prospect visibility, they’ll be better equipped to deliver the upsells your company needs, along with the great service your customers desire. By pairing Sage CRM with your Sage ERP, your teams can follow up on queries any time, without having to slow the process by consulting other team members who have back-end data access. To increase visibility, Sage CRM provides:

  • Permissions-based records access
  • Business insight data and dashboards
  • Graphs for strategic planning and forecasting


Contact the CRM experts at Azamba to learn more about Sales Management with Sage CRM, or download the Sales Management brochure to learn more.