Tracking and Following Up on Leads Is Easy When You’re Marketing with Sage CRM

“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.”
– John Wanamaker, American merchant, religious leader, and political figure, considered the “pioneer of marketing”

The secret to success in marketing has been a mystery since the dawn of time – until now. At this point, we know that the more highly targeted your marketing campaigns are, the more successful they’ll be. Here are five ways you can ensure your marketing stays targeted and successful.

1. Collect Detailed Information

Have you ever received an email from a vendor that was so irrelevant to you that you marked it as spam? My car dealership recently sent me a spate of emails about maintenance on my Toyota… even though I own a Chevy. You can bet I marked that email as spam, and I haven’t received an email from them since.

Don’t be like my car dealer. Get to know your clients – or at least collect detailed info on them. If you understand your customers’ finances, purchase histories, interests, and demographics, you can properly segment your lists so that you don’t irritate good customers with irrelevant promotions. A modern CRM system makes this easy, especially when you integrate it with your ERP.

2. Monitor Your Marketing Budget

Calculating ROI is tricky if you don’t have all the details about what worked and didn’t work for your customers. Investing in a CRM solution that tracks leads from capture to close will help you understand you most effective marketing campaigns. That way you, unlike John Wanamaker, will know which half of your marketing funds are working.

If your CRM offers graphical dashboards and real-time visibility, it’ll be even easier for you to keep your budgets low and your profits high.

3. Keep Doing What Works

Too many brands switch up their messaging or methods constantly, in an attempt to gain more attention or cut through the noise. What these brands don’t seem to realize is that the most successful brands latch on to one extremely effective message and stick with it for decades. Don’t believe me? Consider Coca Cola’s polar bears or De Beers’ “A Diamond is Forever” campaign.

Stay consistent like the experts with a CRM solution that empowers you to clone your most successful campaigns for years of marketing success.

4. Watch Your Leads

We get it. Sometimes closing a sale takes so long that you forget about it, and by the time you remember, follow up is embarrassing – or irrelevant, since the prospect has already chosen your competitor. Leads that fall through the cracks are especially problematic right after your busy season or end-of-quarter runs, yet, ironically, the post-push slowdown is when those leads are most important.

An effective CRM system, such as Sage CRM, helps those leads stay firmly in your reach by assigning your team members for follow up or conversion, as well as providing real-time customer analysis and customized dashboards that will help your salespeople close faster.

5. Stay Top of Mind

The common adage these days is that customers have a shorter attention span than goldfish. Here’s the thing: though goldfish are forgetful by nature, your customers have the ability to remember you – if you frequently remind them of your existence.

This is easier said than done, because maintaining contact with customers can be hard to do, especially when you’re focusing on finding new customers all the time. However, when your CRM is integrated with a popular email marketing system like MailChimp, it’s easy to set up and maintain drip campaigns that remind your customers of your business often.

In Summary

John Wanamaker may have been unable to determine which half of his marketing spend was working back in the 1800s, but if he’d had access to a modern, efficient CRM that helped him target the right contacts, track them, and follow up in a timely manner, his marketing would have been a lot more effective. If only he could have used Sage CRM.


Learn more about how easy targeted marketing can be for your company. Download the Marketing with Sage CRM brochure or contact the Sage CRM experts at Azamba for more information.