What the Experts Won’t Tell You about Integrating Sage 300 with Sage CRM

Integrating Sage 300 with Sage CRM Improves Collaboration

Not only will your team save time by avoiding duplicate data entry (allowing for more time spent discussing Game of Thrones at the water cooler), it’ll also increase overall visibility for everyone in your company. By providing a single-source view of all customer, partner, and supplier records, your entire company will be empowered to work better together and help each other out when needed.

In addition, your supervisory staff will have the information they require so they can come up with workable solutions to common or repeated problems; they’ll also be able to duplicate what’s working well. With real-time, always up-to-date reports and graphical dashboards, managers in the know can help your sales and production teams work better together to increase company growth exponentially.

Combining Two Powerhouse Systems Helps You Maintain Control and Increase Confidence

In your company, you have to be careful about who can access your records, and you have to be careful those records stay up to date. Maintain data integrity and accuracy with a single source for all viewers, no matter if they’re in the productions side of your company or they’re customer facing.

Integrating Sage 300 with Sage CRM also helps you complete the many steps of customer onboarding or updating faster and easier, and can even help you maintain profits by automatically alerting your sales team when customers are past due on their bills.

Providing 2x the Business Software Delivers 2x the Customer Happiness

By integrating Sage 300 with Sage CRM, your possibilities for customer satisfaction are nearly limitless. Your sales team will be able to deliver accurate quotes instantly, your entire team will be able to assist in every process of sales or follow-up activities – your staff will even have centralized information at their fingertips so they can instantly answer customer questions with confidence.

Plus, your customers will be even happier because they’ll have the freedom to find the answers they want without having to call your offices! With the self-service customer portals that become available when you combine your ERP with your CRM, your customers can find out answers to their questions, no matter where they are or what time it is.

Wait! I Was Expecting an Article about How Difficult ERP / CRM Integration Is!

Sorry to disappoint you, but it really isn’t that difficult to integrate Sage CRM with your Sage 300 system if you put the experts at Azamba on the case. The two business software powerhouse systems were built to integrate seamlessly, helping Sage customers grow their businesses that much faster.


And if you’re wondering why the experts won’t tell you about the information you just read in this article, it’s ‘cause they’re bashful about bragging so much. However, if you’d like to learn more, you can download the Integrating Sage 300 with Sage CRM brochure, or you can contact one of the bashful CRM experts at Azamba.