Why We Should Have Moved to Microsoft Teams Sooner

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The powerful app is aptly named

We are getting ready to migrate to Microsoft Teams as our internal collaboration tool, and the more I learn about it, the more I wonder why we didn’t move sooner.

We are a virtual organization with people and customers spread across USA and Canada.

I believe in the virtual model and trust in my fellow teammates to do what’s required without having to check in at the office on a daily basis. Plus it cuts down on unnecessary travel to and from an office and expenses associated with going in to an office (lunches, dry cleaning, gas, auto maintenance, etc.).

We’ve made do—fairly well, I would say—with tools like GoToMeeting, email, Skype chat, and others. But everything has always been a tiny bit disjointed and not as smooth as I would like.

And when we help customers roll out CRM (shameless plug: we recommend Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement and Sage CRM depending on your business’ specific needs), we do a pretty great job with coordinating efforts and moving things forward.


A better tool for the virtual business model

“Pretty great” can always be improved though.

In fact, our entire business model is driven on the idea of iterating and improving based on our experiences and customer feedback.

So now that we have started to dig into Microsoft Teams, I’m seeing a whole new world open up. A new way of collaborating internally and with our customers to be more effective in our quest to help small and medium-sized businesses reach their business goals through the effective and efficient use of CRM technology.


Microsoft Teams vs email

One of the biggest shifts that I look forward to is to get out of email hell.

I know I’m not the only one out there who gets sent and cc’ed and bcc’ed to death with email chains and responses and retorts and comments and FYI’s and…ugh. Enough already with the emails!

Teams will allow us to work naturally—as a group—alongside our customers and preserve the discussions that occur in the course of projects or ongoing work. My hope (dream?) is that this shift will mitigate the need for all the damn emails, as we can now be fully informed by reviewing the customer teams and channels.

Plus, all related documents and other materials will be right there in the team, as well. No more searching around for that particular document that you need. It is right there in the team as a tab.


Are you in search of a better collaboration platform?

We’re just starting the journey down this new path, and I can’t wait to see where it takes us!

We’ve already learned an awful lot about how to leverage the power of Microsoft Teams in our organization, and we’re learning more every day.

If you are looking to get more from Microsoft Teams, or are just starting to use the platform yourself, get in touch! We’d love to share what we’ve learned and help your organization reap the benefits we’re seeing at Azamba.

Peter Wolf is the president and founder of Azamba. He has spent the last 18 years focused on helping small and medium-sized businesses become more profitable through effective and efficient usage of CRM.

His passion is blending the promise of CRM with the realities of business needs to create successful outcomes.

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