Getting Started with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales

Limited time offer: Dynamics 365 Sales Professional or Customer Service Professional 4 months at no cost! 

  • Qualifying customers will receive a 100% discount in the first 4 months with a minimum 1-year commitment for Dynamics 365 Sales Professional or Dynamics 365 Customer Service Professional.
  • This promotion is available through the Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) licensing program in all areas and subsidiaries.
  • New customers may take advantage of the Dynamics SMB promotion at any time between August 3, 2020 and June 30, 2021. Customer subscriptions must begin before June 30, 2021.
  • To qualify, customers must be purchasing a net new Dynamics 365 Sales Professional or Dynamics 365 Customer Service Professional customer tenant. An existing customer with an inactive or recently canceled (within the last 30 days) subscription may also qualify.
  • Schedule a Meeting at the bottom to redeem!

Why Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales?

Imagine being able to drive your top line revenue by converting more prospects to customers and keeping current customers coming back, and improve your bottom line by being far more efficient.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales is the cloud business solution that drives sales productivity and marketing effectiveness by organizing and automating business processes that nurture customer satisfaction and loyalty in the sales, marketing, and customer service fields. Dynamics 365 delivers enterprise-level features at small business prices.

Plus, Microsoft Dynamics 365 has the best integrations with all of your other favorite Microsoft and Office products!


No Stress

Our team has completed hundreds of successful projects for businesses like yours. Your implementation will succeed, and we back that up with a 100% money-back guarantee!

No Strain

Our team handles the setup and implementation, and then trains your team to use your system quickly, easily, and efficiently. We do the heavy lifting so your team doesn’t have to!

No Surprises

Our fixed-fee, fully-scoped, flexible migration, upgrade, and training plans ensure you get exactly what you need at exactly the price you agreed to from the start! 

Why Azamba?

CRM Implementation

Get the most out of your CRM software with our carefully-crafted implementation program.

CRM Support

Our OnTrack support programs ensure quick, sustainable CRM success.

CRM Training

Employee training is one of the most important investments you can make in CRM.

CRM Customization

We make sure your CRM fits your needs, because no two businesses are the same.

Fixed Fee Engagements

You won’t have any surprises when your project is completed.

You know your total investment up-front before work starts so you can determine the cost-benefit analysis and project viability.

100% Moneyback Guarantee

You deserve to work with a company that delivers on their promises and isn’t afraid to offer full money back if you aren’t satisfied.

You can rest easy when you put your trust in us.

Focused Expertise

Azamba is a proven and dependable partner with 300+ successful CRM projects and decades of experience helping businesses like yours.

You will be working with our seasoned professionals determined to help you find the shortest path to success.

Proven Methodology

Our OnTrack CRM Success System offers ongoing training and support to your team.

OnTrack enables you to maximize your return on your CRM investment and reach your goals.

Automation Know-How

We align your Dynamics 365 or Sage CRM system with your unique business needs.

Azamba helps you take advantage of business process flows and automations to utilize CRM’s full potential.

Caring Professionals

Our experts put care and attentiveness towards every project we work on.

Your project is important to you, and it’s important to us.

We will do everything that we can to help you maximize your return on investment.

“It’s rare that you find a company that is exactly what you need right when you need it. That kind of fortuitous contact doesn’t happen that often. Azamba is one of those, and I can count on one hand the number of companies I’ve had that kind of kinship with. I look forward to every interaction with Azamba.”

– Jared Grigg

“Azamba impressed AMD with an organized, customer-focused, and highly responsive process and OnTrack plan for onboarding and educating employees. ”

– David Triglia

“We got referred to Azamba, had that initial discussion, and felt comfortable right from the start.We were able to negotiate the level of implementation and support we needed at the price we needed.”

– Amanda Caspers

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