The Ignition One-on-One Onboarding Simple Stages to CRM Success

We break up your onboarding into easy-to-follow stages designed to get you and your team using CRM in your live environment in weeks, not months.

Prepare for your  Rollout

1-2 Weeks

Prepare yourself, your team, and your system for CRM onboarding.


System Setup Meeting

Pre-Training Session

Prepare your Champion

1-2 Weeks

Complete training modules & streamline your system.

Admin Training Course

Admin Checkpoint Meeting

System Streamlining

Train your

1-2 Weeks

Introduce your streamlined app & training materials. Monitor internal progress.

Sales Training Course

Internal Training Recap

Sales Checkpoint Meeting

Go Live

Build New

3-4 Weeks

Encourage ongoing usage, develop in-depth skills, & iterate your system.


Calls I, II, & III

Deep Dives (Recurring)

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