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We Make Sure Sage CRM Conforms To Your Business

Looking to enhance your Sage CRM solution?

No two businesses are the same. Even if you sell or manage similar products the ins and outs of what and how your company does things are going to be different.  Even as flexible as Sage CRM is, our experience shows that  most clients need to make some changes to make it fit their operations and business processes. When you’re spending your hard-earned profits on a solution to increase efficiency, streamline processes and boost your bottom line, you need more than just functionality, you need a seamless fit.

This is where the Azamba Consulting group can help and deliver the return on your CRM investment that you need.  We will work closely with you to design and build your solution all the while keeping it within your budget.  All of our development projects are fixed fee which means you know what the project is going to cost as soon as the design is completed.  With the right customizations in place in your Sage CRM system your team will be equipped with the tools to transform your business and drive substantial bottom line growth.

What is the Azamba development process?

Your Azamba Sage CRM consultant will work closely with you to bring your requirements to a reality.  All of our custom projects go through the same project  steps from beginning to end:

  • Requirements Gathering. This important phase will set the framework for what the project will become no matter how big or little the project is.  You will work with your Azamba consultant closely to gather all the business requirements for the project.
  • Design Phase. Your Azamba consultant will take your requirements and work with our team of business analysts to create what we call a project Blueprint. The Blueprint once approved by you and your team will be what our developers use to create your solution.
  • Development Phase. This is where the magic happens.  Our team of highly skilled developers will take the Blueprint and create the code that will transform your ideas and plans into a functioning CRM system that will couple with your business to deliver increased productivity.
  • Testing and Final Acceptance. This final phase makes sure that your customizations meet your requirements and they all work as designed. All of our work is backed by the Azamba Guarantee.

Looking for a pre-built customization package?

Sage CRM toolboxes by Azamba include add-ons, customizations, and solutions designed to augment and enhance your Sage CRM system. Your CRM will be more powerful and more efficient—and so will your team!

Our toolboxes are constantly growing, and are built based on customer feedback and requests. You can browse their features in more detail by clicking here.


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Customize Sage CRM

If you are looking to get a little more from your Sage CRM system and customizations seem to be in order, get them done right!  Get in touch to discuss your project today.