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OnTrack CRM Adoption System for SageCRM

OnTrack Implementation

This unique and carefully crafted implementation program helps you get the most out of your CRM software investment.

Make Sure Your CRM Investment is Protected

Your company has made the decision to invest in a CRM, but where do you start?

Implementing a CRM system, be it replacing a current system or putting in your company’s first CRM, is a huge project for any business.   The project can feel rather overwhelming once your team begins to investigate all that needs to be done in order to have a properly implemented and well functioning  system.   CRM solutions can be complex and a helping hand can help to ensure proper user acceptance and adoption.

This is where our team of CRM consultants excel. They will make sure that your project is delivered successfully ensuring that you have the proper training and the system is configured with the appropriate features to help your business get the most from your CRM investment.    For over a decade we have been implementing Sage CRM and our  team of CRM consultants have successfully completed more than 300 implementations of Sage CRM ranging from smaller “Mom ‘n’ Pop” shops to Fortune 500 companies.

Successful CRM

Every single Sage CRM implementation project that Azamba’s consultants complete has followed a set of core principles which will help you maximize your return on your Sage CRM investment in the shortest time possible.

Our OnTrack implementation projects are driven by the following principles:

Install and Streamline (Keep it Simple)

We’ll help you reduce the clutter and noise and make sure your team is focused on the things that matter. The installation and streamlining portion of the OnTrack program  centers  around getting the software properly installed, configured and streamlined. These tasks will most likely  require assistance from your technical people, IT consulting firm, and if you are going to integrate your Sage CRM with your Sage ERP software then we would also need to get assistance from your ERP consultants. This portion of the OnTrack program will take anywhere from one to three weeks typically and is dependent upon the state of your current IT infrastructure and its ability to support the Sage CRM software.

  • Sage CRM installation and configuration.  Azamba technical consultants will install and configure the Sage CRM software, MS SQL Server, Microsoft IIS, and any other necessary technical components making sure everything is operating for your team’s immediate use.
  • Email configuration.  Azamba technical consultants will install and configure outbound email from within Sage CRM. We will also configure email templates for immediate use by your team.  We can also configure synchronization with Microsoft Exchange Server.
  • Sage  ERP integration installation and configuration.  Azamba technical consultants are experts in ERP integration including Sage ERP  X3, Sage 100 ERP, Sage 300 ERP and Sage Pro ERP.  Our consultants will install and configure integration with your Sage ERP system making sure you are ready to use the system as soon as possible.

Azamba Productivity Enhancement Pack installation and configuration.  Azamba technical consultants will install and configure the Azamba Productivity Enhancement Pack. This unique component, offered only to OnTrack clients, is designed to streamline the Sage CRM default behavior to ensure your end users are not overloaded with unnecessary information allowing them to work efficiently.

Configure and Personalize (Make It Yours)

A big part of our plan is centered on making sure the screens and fields make sense to you and your team.

The configuration and personalization OnTrack tasks are focused on providing you with an overview of Sage CRM out-of-the-box functionality.  Your Azamba consultants will then personalize the software to match your business needs. This is one of the first steps in the OnTrack program and is done during your scheduled Go-Live Period.

  • Core Functionality review.  Azamba will provide a video that presents a guided tour of key out-of-the-box functionality to give you a deeper understanding of default Sage CRM behavior.
  • Business Modeling Workbook completion. Azamba will provide a Business Modeling Workbook that will be used by you and your team to indicate the desired changes that you would like to make to the default Sage CRM behavior.
  • Business Modeling workshop.  Azamba will work through the Business Modeling Workbook with you and your key team members to confirm your desired changes and answer any questions that you might have about out-of-the-box functionality.
  • System Personalization.  Azamba technical consultants will configure the system based upon the information provided in the approved Business Modeling Workbook. System Personalization is intended to be configuration-related tasks including field additions, field removals and field modifications.

System Review.  Azamba will review the system modifications done during the System Personalization tasks with you and your key team members.

Training (Learn It and Love It)

Our training approach is a combination of instructor led and hands-on experiences designed to help your team become pros in short order.

The OnTrack training portion of the program is focused on ensuring that you and your team have the proper knowledge to effectively use your Sage CRM system. Depending on the OnTrack package that you select, certain training sessions will be videos or instructor-led sessions with hands-on workbook exercises.

Instructor-led training sessions are generally hosted online and can be recorded.  We do limit class size in order to  maximize knowledge transfer. If you prefer onsite training we can do this as well.

These tasks are done over the second and third days of your scheduled Go-Live Week.

  • Administrator review.  Azamba will provide training on key administrative tasks including User Setup and Configuration, Security Configuration, Email Configuration, Email Template Creation, Dashboard Creation, and other common administrative functions. This task will be approximately three hours long and will take place in the afternoon of the second day of the scheduled Go-Live Period.
  • Data Import review.  Azamba will provide a video that details how to import contact data into Sage CRM using the standard import functionality.
  • Data Import workshop.  Azamba will work through a data import session of an Excel or CSV file containing basic company and contact information. Note that this may create duplicate records if you have merged your Sage 100 ERP (MAS) customers in to Sage CRM. We will show you how to merge records to eliminate duplicates as necessary. This will take place as the final task at the end of the second day.
  • Sales Optimization review. Azamba will provide training on a typical day-in-the-life of a salesperson including Creating and Finding People, Creating and Finding Companies, Recording and Finding Interactions, Sending Emails, Creating and Finding Opportunities, Using the Calendar, and other common sales activities. This session will be up to three hours long and will take place in the morning of the third day of the scheduled Go-Live Period.

Outlook Integration review.  Azamba will provide a video that details how Outlook integration works and steps required to configuring it on your systems

Go-Live & Mentor (Master It)

We stick around after you go live to give you guidance and support in the crucial first month to get you on the path to success.

The go-live and mentoring portion of the program is designed and delivered in such a way to ensure that real value is realized from your Sage CRM investment almost immediately.  The mentoring portion is primarily done by providing scheduled meetings with our Sage CRM experts after you go live. We like to consider this your training wheels period.

Once the Go-Live piece of the project is completed we are then able to schedule the following items over the following weeks.

  • Go-Live sign-off. At the end of the Installation and Streamlining, Configuration and Personalization, and Training portions of the project  you will be asked to sign-off on the work to-date. At this point, you and your team will be live on your Sage CRM system.
  • Post Go-Live Coaching Sessions.  Azamba will provide weekly sessions with your Azamba Success Coach to address any concerns or questions about your Sage CRM system. During these sessions, you can request additional training or ask questions or request any assistance that you feel is essential to your success. If you do not have any specific items to address, we will provide additional guidance and direction to ensure that you are beginning to adopt the system properly.
Committing (Own It)

This fifth principle of CRM implementation success is up to you and your team to own …

Once you are up and running with Sage CRM, you need to build the proper policies and habits to ensure continued adoption and success.

OnTrack Options & Features

Your CRM implementation can transform your business and we take your successful adoption seriously. You might already know this: CRM goes way beyond installing software and we are here to help businesses successfully implement CRM.  With our OnTrack program you will benefit from our preparation, guidance and our time-tested implementation methodology.  Guaranteed to be successful or your money back!

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