The Sage CRM
Add-on Catalog



Maximize your CRM value and reach your business goals with custom-built add-ons that help you deliver consistent, high-quality experiences to your customers and prospects!

As part of our quest to help you be more successful, we asked ourselves how we can help more customers reach their business goals with Sage CRM quickly and affordably.

What we realized was our top-performing customers take advantage of the powerful customization capabilities baked into Sage CRM.

That’s how this catalog was born. Inside its pages, you will find some of our best and most requested customizations, all for affordable monthly subscriptions.

Plus, if you are a Premium or Preferred subscriber to our OnTrack CRM Success Plan, every one of these add-ons is available at no charge. Yep…FREE!

Enjoy flipping through the catalog!

Peter Wolf
Founder & President

Get the most out of your Sage CRM system with Sage CRM add-ons by Azamba!


Add or extend functionality, improve visibility and reporting, and make life easier for you and your team!

All add-ons are

  • version neutral
  • built in-house
  • designed to meet your needs
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