for Petroleum Marketers

Customer relationship management
built exclusively for petroleum marketers

Sage CRM for Petroleum Marketers customizes and expands Sage CRM to meet the industry-specific needs of petroleum marketers specializing in lubricants, bulk fuels, propane, fuel cards, aviation, transportation, and wholesale!

No more fumbling around with generic tools or expensive and time-consuming customizations to turn out-of-the-box solutions into something your team can actually use.

Sage CRM for Petroleum Marketers is the right tool for the job from Day 1.

Plus, it can even integrate with the Sage 100 ERP you’re already using, extending the power of both systems while reducing your costs!


Sage CRM for Petroleum Marketers:

Speaks Your Language

Track sales in gallons

Dollars are great, don’t get us wrong…but they don’t always make sense for petroleum marketers tracking their sales and opportunities.

Now you can track gallons, not just dollars, so your team can stay on top of the metrics that matter most to you and your distributors!

Works the Way
You Work

Track information by location

Your reps aren’t just working with companies and contacts; they’re working with individual locations. 

Now you can enter, view, sort, and search for information by location, not just by company or contact, so your team can stay on top of their complicated accounts! 

Manages Your Complex Industry

Manage multiple sales teams

You have multiple sales teams working with multiple products, so why should they all see and track the same information?

Now you can give each sales team customized views and workflows built to enable their specific processes, without bogging them down with the information they don’t need!

Top Features

Greytrix GUMU Sage CRM / Sage 100 ERP Integration

Sage CRM for Petroleum Marketers integrates with the Sage 100 ERP system you are already using, giving your sales and marketing teams easier access to customer purchase patterns and history without getting in the way of your accounting team!

Sage CRM / Sage 100 ERP integration features include:


Increased visibility

  • Access, monitor, visualize, and analyze customer purchase history in Sage CRM.
  • Pull product items and pricing logic directly from the Sage 100 system for sales quotations and orders.
  • Drive sales and marketing campaigns with actual customer purchase data.

Upsell and cross-sell artificial intelligence

  • Identifies upsell and cross-sell opportunities based on actual customer purchase history.
  • Flags customers that are dropping off in their purchasing before it is too late to save the account.
  • Sends automatic alerts to your phone informing you of new opportunities.
  • Sends follow-up alerts if an opportunity is overlooked.

Petroleum Marketer Company, Lead, Opportunity, and Case Workflows

Standardized sales process workflows based on established major oil company sales processes and case management workflows based on industry best practices. 

Opportunity Gallons and Gross Margin Statistics

View opportunities by gallon and gross margin, not just dollars.

Your sales team works in gallons. So should your CRM. 

Ship-to-Address Management

Your salespeople aren’t just working with companies. They’re working with multiple locations for many of those companies.

Sage CRM for Petroleum Marketers enables your sales team to manage their accounts at the location (or “ship-to-address”) level. You can assign reps and track communications and opportunities at the location level right out-of-the-box. 

Entry-level CRM Reporting, Dashboards & Notifications

Standardized Sales Dashboard with My Opportunities, My Calendar and My Accounts and 150+ standard CRM reports and basic automated notifications.


New Customer Welcome Communication Workflow

A predefined set of documents (ex., Welcome letter, MSDSs, Emergency Contacts, etc…) can be automatically sent out to new customers.


Single CRM/ERP Sign-on

Allows ERP users to launch the current customer in CRM from ERP AR Customer Maintenance.


Chevron Opportunity Upload Program

Sales pipeline, coaching dash-board, KPI metrics and workflows designed to meet Chevron’s Project Transform CRM requirements.


DocuSign PowerForms Integration

Integrate with optional DocuSign services to give customers the ability to complete forms on your web site and automatically import information into CRM.


DocuSign Online Credit Application

Customers submit credit applications on the company website, which are processed in CRM including digital signatures, encryption of sensitive information and a CRM Credit Application pipeline and automated process.


Petroleum Marketer Optimized Fields and Screens

Standardized fields, dropdowns, and screens for petroleum marketers, optimized for use on iPad, Surface and tablets, coupled with Sage 100 ERP integration, give you and your team critical insights into what your customers need most right now, all at a glance.

Industry-optimized field and screen features include:


Sales throughput and opportunity management dashboards

  • Track and display customer purchases and opportunities in gallons and (optionally) gross profit, by product by customer and by salesperson, month over month, year over year.
  • Prioritize the information that matters most to petroleum marketers.

Opportunity gap-to-goal reporting

Management and sales reps can see actual sales versus sales goals broken down by rep, team and product line, helping reps and the organization to be more successful. 

CRM User Adoption Dashboards

Monitor your Sage CRM user adoption rates from one easy-to-use dashboard.

User adoption is critical to any successful CRM rollout. If your team isn’t using the system, the system isn’t generating value.

The Sage CRM User Adoption Dashboard tracks usage levels and sends notifications to management when usage drops below minimum thresholds so you can identify and fix problems before they damage your return on investment.

CRM Sales Action Dashboard

Automatically detects and alerts representatives and sales managers via e-mail notifications when follow-up tasks have not been performed as scheduled. E-mail alerts include direct link to the opportunity that requires attention.


Customer Onboarding Workflow & Dashboard

When Sales closes a deal the Credit or Customer Service department is auto notified to process credit apps and set up new customers in CRM and ERP, with progress notifications back to Sales.


Sage 100 ERP Memo Sync to CRM Notes

Automatically syncs Sage 100 ERP memos with CRM customer notes or communications.


Equipment Management Workflow

Provides an automated process based on industry best practices to track and manage loaned/leased equipment from start to finish.


DocuSign Integration

Integrate with optional DocuSign services to capture signatures and store any document in CRM.



When prospective customers request information on the company website, “Leads” are automatically inserted into CRM, assigned to reps, and reps notified.


CTI Telephony Integration

Launch contact screen in CRM by caller ID, match inbound phone numbers with existing contacts, and automatically track call statistics in CRM as communications.


Powered by OnTrack…

The OnTrack CRM Success System is a proven methodology built upon 10+ years of experience assisting hundreds of customers get up and running successfully with CRM.

The OnTrack CRM Success System protects your investment in CRM and ensures that you get the maximum return in the shortest time possible.

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OnTrack is designed to serve two purposes:

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This guarantee covers all OnTrack services and fees, and excludes all software fees.

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