Business Process Consultation
& Optimization Report

Exclusive Insights for Oil & Gas Distributors, 
Petroleum Marketers, & Lubricant Marketers

Is your business the best it can be?

You have the people. You have the products. You have the tools. You have the vision. You have the experience. You have the will.

But are you getting the results? Is your sales organization a well-oiled machine, or is it time for a tune-up?

Our Business Process Consultation and Optimization Report will help you identify opportunities to maintain your competitive edge, mitigate risks to your business, maximize value of your existing resources, and increase profitability in the highly-competitive oil and gas industry.

Don’t wait until the engine starts smoking to perform routine maintenance. Register for a free tune-up today!

What you get:


Up to 4 hours of focused attention from the best consultants in the business, including:

  • Online/telephone interviews with key team members
  • Full audit of existing business software and processes
  • 1-hour consulting call to explain results and plan next steps and strategies

A full written report of all interview and audit findings prepared by your consultant, including:

  • Strategy and investment grades for your company
  • Categorized and prioritized recommendations for improving your business tools and processes
  • Recommendations for ongoing training and evaluation

Colin Chambers is a senior consultant and business process optimization expert.

In his 20+ year tech career, he has completed hundreds of consultations and more than 100 software implementations, and he has more than 6 years of experience serving petroleum, lubrication, and propane marketers in the oil and gas industry.

Colin’s goal with every company he consults for is to leverage technology to simplify and streamline sales and service processes. By doing so, he aims to empower sales, customer service, and management to improve sales, customer satisfaction, and retention.

Colin listened to what we were really trying to accomplish, and then made a document outlining what the potential shortfalls were in our current system.

He was able to transition all the data we had in our heads and put it down on paper. This aligned us more quickly with what we were trying to accomplish.”

Tom Martinez
Robert V. Jensen, Inc.

My philosophy is partnership. I look for people who reciprocate that and strive to understand my business in order to provide a solution that meets or exceeds my expectations.

Colin was that guy. He really understands his clients and their business. He’s quick and knew what we wanted and how to accomplish it.

Dev Sharma

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