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Why You Need a Sage CRM Conference Room Pilot:

The Conference Room Pilot is designed for companies evaluating Sage CRM and want to make sure it will meet specific needs.

During the Conference Room Pilot, your team and our experts will:

  • Build out your high-risk and mission-critical pieces that you need in CRM.
  • Transfer knowledge about how Sage CRM works and how your team works best.

These two pieces will combine so that after the workshop, you will have a live, working system that you can login to and play around to make sure it will work as you need.

And you will be exposed to how Sage CRM works out of the box and some of the configuration options. This will give you additional insights to hit the ground running as you move forward.

Attendee Recommendation:

  • Owner
  • VP of Sales (or similar)

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For businesses looking for larger system changes to a new Sage CRM system where the needs are more sophisticated like creating multiple custom entities. All meetings and work is anticipated at four times the effort of the basic project.

For businesses looking for moderate changes to a new Sage CRM system where the needs are a bit more involved, like getting into more complex reports/dashboards, Power Automation, business process flows. All meetings and work is anticipated at two times the effort of the basic project.

For businesses looking for quick system changes to a new Sage CRM system where the needs are relatively straightforward like adding fields, modifying forms, working on an App/Hub for navigation and sitemap, or adding 1 custom entity.

Preparatory Meeting

You meet with your assigned Azamba Success Coach to better define and prioritize your needs.

The goal is to properly identify high-risk concerns or needs well enough to determine the best way to implement them within Dynamics 365 Sales and to assemble an Action List for the visit.

1 extended

1 extended


Build Time

Your Azamba Success Coach shares your Action List with our team, who then create a build of your new environment.

NOTE: If necessary, there may be another call at this stage for clarification purposes.

32 hours

16 hours

8 hours

Hand-off Meeting

Meet with your Success Coach to review the mock-up, see what was done, and receive guidance on any customization elements that were completed.

NOTE: if possible, we prefer to load your updated build into your test environment.

Review Process

You review the mock-up and make notes of any desired changes and areas of additional concern.

It is important to note that the mock-up is not intended to be a finished work. Sometimes it will be if your needs are simple, but typically it is a skeleton that provides key structures.

Post-Workshop Session

Meet with your Success Coach to review your notes and changes. The Success Coach will show you how to make smaller tweaks, share a list of personalized recommendations, and share our experiences with other, similar client situations.

If you are uncertain of which option to select, start with the Basic and after the first preparatory meeting, your Success Coach can advise if they feel you would benefit from either of the other options. There is no penalty for ramping up! Generally, we prefer to keep the projects smaller where possible and recommend most customers start with the Basic option.

Agenda Details

Preparatory Work

Review your current system with your assigned Azamba Success Coach.

  • Document and prioritize the tasks using the Action List template.
  • Submit your Action List for approval.

Sage CRM Project Build Work

  • Relax as we work through items on the Action List.
  • Review, approve, and sign-off on work as it is completed.

Follow-up Work

  • We Provide updated Action List with summary of completed activities and any follow-up notes.
  • We Provide personalized list of CRM System Recommendations.
  • We Conduct Post-Workshop Review Session.
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Please read through the following assumptions before accepting this offer. Any deviations may result in Change Requests detailing changes to timeframes, fees, and scope.

• Azamba will have access to you and other key representatives of your organization in a timely manner.

• Azamba will have remote access to the system as necessary prior to the Sage CRM build time. We prefer direct access if possible. Monitored or guided remote access is acceptable.

• Preparatory meetings will be remote and will not last longer than ninety minutes.

• We rely on you to define and prioritize the work that will be done during the project and to sign-off on the Action List prior to the visit.

• It is possible not every improvement on your Action List will be completed during the remote project. Any incomplete items will need to be addressed outside of the scope of this project as either a paid Change Request or as a separate paid engagement.

• Although all work is done to the best of our expert’s abilities, workshop items are sometimes not completed due to factors beyond our control. Some may be limited by the software. Some may be dependent upon the software publisher to resolve defects in the software. If an individual item on the Action List is not progressing to your satisfaction, we will let you know and it will be your responsibility to give direction to move on to the next item.

• We rely on you to verify, test, and approve work done while your Azamba Success Coach is implementing so we can resolve any issues during the workshop. Issues or defects that arise after the workshop is complete will be addressed via our standard support options and may be out of scope.

• Any work not explicitly specified in the Action List will be bid separately as a Change Request.

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Our 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Buy with confidence: If this product is different than what you thought it was from when you purchased it, contact our staff for a refund.

Within 45 days of completion of this project, if you feel that you have not received the full value of the services described within this document, please contact Peter Wolf at 1.312.513.9333 to rectify the situation or to request a refund for the amount that you feel is warranted.

This guarantee is limited to the amount paid for the project services and excludes all software fees. The guarantee does not cover any expenses incurred during the project.


Terms of Service

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