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MobileX – A Better Alternative to the Sage CRM Mobile Integration

Remote sales don’t have access to customer data?
Sales have to wait to return to the office to log updates?
You can’t customize the system as you want?
Need to file emails from your smartphone (iOS/Android) ?

Get the most powerful web client for Sage CRM from any modern mobile smartphone device (Android/iPhone). No client install required. Log phone call notes and emails. Navigate your data and view your sales pipeline. With MobileX, your Sage CRM system becomes the most powerful collaboration tool in your business.

MobileX is the only mobile app for Sage CRM that can be extended to include custom entities and screens. Record customer visits, take notes on training and more. With MobileX you define how it works for your business.

MobileX is a web based Mobile solution for Sage CRM that can be rolled out to any device with a simple URL. Our plug-in framework allows the system to be extended to provide real world solutions to your business needs.

Who is it for:

  • For salespeople who are frequently out of the office
  • For businesses who have difficultly setting up the out-of-the-box Sage CRM mobile app
  • For salespeople who need to file documents from their phones

Maximize your Investment

An add-on is only as good as a company’s ability to utilize it, which is why CRM Together offers full-service experiences for their robust add-ons.

Powerful Tools

Get the Mobile utility you always wanted.

Log phone call notes and emails. Navigate your data and view your sales pipeline.

Tailored Training

Learning multi-faceted add-ons can seem overwhelming for your team.

CRM Together takes out the guesswork by offering a 1-hour in-depth training session.

Superior Support

CRM Together offers ongoing support for your investment, to ensure the MobileX for Sage CRM is always working at 100% efficiency.

Product Details

Navigate your data

With a single simple search you can search across multiple entities for your data or focus on a single entity. One search box to rule them all.

View and update your CRM data

Summary data and more (Cases, Opportunities, Communications) is available from MobileX. You can even edit the summary data, logs calls,emails and even add files/photos.

Log Information on the go

Log phone call notes there and then into CRM. Start emails in MobileX to log them and send via your native mobile client. Using your phone you can dictate into the text area making it even easier for you.

View your Sales Pipeline

View and manage your Sales pipeline. You get a visual pipeline and also a break down of the number of opportunities in a legend that also allows you filter by the stages and then access the full opportunity.

Bookmark Data

With access to bookmarks and your CRM contacts lists its easy to navigate your favorite data removing the frustrations that come with other Mobile CRM solutions.

Ping Colleagues

Pings allow you to create a contextual message for a colleague against a given entity. With MobileX your Sage CRM system becomes the most powerful collaboration tool in your business.

Upload Files and Photos from your mobile

Only with MobileX can you upload files and photos against an entity.
Take a photo on your phone and upload to CRM!
Ideal for field services engineers to record before and afterwards on a site.

Office365 Outlook Integration

Now you can integrate MobileX with Office365. This allows you file emails from Outlook on windows/Mac/OWA/iOS and Android (via the Outlook app). You can also create new companies/people, opportunities and cases from an email. This is ideal for people working from outside the office.

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