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If Your Sage CRM Opportunities are Languishing in Spreadsheets, It’s Time to Import!


Get better visibility into your sales teams opportunities while helping them sell more easily!

Your salespeople may be reluctant to adopt Sage CRM if their opportunities are still siloed in spreadsheets. Or worse yet, hesitant to spend hours manually keying in opportunity data to the system.

An investment in an opportunity import now could protect the large Sage CRM investment you’ve already made (and save your salespeople valuable time!).

Although daunting to achieve on your own, Azamba makes importing your opportunities a snap. Our highly-experienced team does all the hands-on work for you, including back ups for your data and trial tests before going to your live environment.

With our decades of experience, Azamba will get your opportunity data moved quickly and cleanly, so your salespeople can start selling in Sage sooner!


Who a Sage CRM Opportunities Import is for:

  • Owners looking to boost Sage CRM adoption to protect their investment.
  • Sales managers looking to safely move opportunity data into their Sage CRM system for their salespeople.
  • Salespeople looking to save time from manually keying in opportunity data to Sage CRM.

To see pricing tables, please view this page on a desktop.

Advanced Import

Standard Import

Basic Import

For companies importing a large list of opportunities with many custom fields.


For companies importing minimal opportunities with many custom fields.


For companies importing minimal opportunities with little to no custom fields.



CRM Database Backup

Backups ensure that none of your CRM data will be lost during an upload.

Azamba guarantees your data’s protection by running backups 3 different times during the opportunity import process.

Maximum Records Quantity

The number of opportunity records allotted per option.




Custom Fields Quantity

Prior to import, your opportunities typically live in spreadsheets. Azamba can take your unique opportunities spreadsheet and link all of your custom fields to corresponding fields in CRM.

Basic Import customers can move opportunities to our template that contains all basic fields.

Up to 15

Up to 15

Basic Template

Trial Import

Azamba will upload your Opportunities into your test environment for debugging and to review with you any issues with your company.

Recommended for customers with a high-volume of import data and complex customer structures.

Production Import

Azamba will move your Opportunities from your trial environment to your live environment.

Opportunities uploaded will retain open/closed status, sales agent/manager ownership, and any other relevant fields specific to your organization.

Average Project Duration

Azamba guarantees that your project will be treated with an unwavering sense of urgency and importance.

Given the inherent uncertainty in custom development work, please note that an average project duration is an estimate, and is dependent on timely responses from the customer.

2 Weeks

1-2 Weeks

1 Week

Your Company’s Tasks

The following columns will need to be added to the existing Project/Opportunity spreadsheet prior to the trial import.


  • The Company’s ERP AR Division (e.g. 01).
  • The Company’s ERP Customer Number (e.g. ABC123). If you do not have an ERP Customer number for the records, Azamba will provide you with a unique number for each of your CRM companies.
  • A unique identifier for each project. This means that you will number the projects starting with 1000 in a column called “Identifier.” For projects where there are multiple rows, the Identifier column will stay the same. The Identifier basically assigns each project a different value than the name as a way to tell the system ‘bundle these rows together in the same opportunity.’
  • A column called “Num of Lines.” For each project we need to know how many rows exist in the spreadsheet for import purposes. If a project has 5 line items, you will enter a 5 in this column. Most of your values will be 1.
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By signing up for the Sage CRM Opportunities Import, you agree to the following:

  • This project assumes that customer data is already in your CRM system. If your company is looking to import contact and company data, please explore our Sage CRM Data Migration Booster.
  • All business requirements within the scope of services for this project have been communicated to the client’s satisfaction.
  • The specified solution as designed in the Booster will fulfill business requirements to the client’s satisfaction if executed upon.
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Our 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Buy with confidence: If this product is different than what you thought it was from when you purchased it, contact our staff for a refund.

Within 45 days of completion of this project, if you feel that you have not received the full value of the services described within this document, please contact Peter Wolf at 1.312.513.9333 to rectify the situation or to request a refund for the amount that you feel is warranted.

This guarantee is limited to the amount paid for the project services and excludes all software fees. The guarantee does not cover any expenses incurred during the project.


Terms of Service

By signing up for Azamba products and services, you are agreeing to our Terms of Service.

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