Upgrading Sage CRM

It's Time to Refresh Your System

Are You Running an Older Version?

Your current Sage CRM version is now getting a little older or maybe even no longer supported by Sage.  It is time  to upgrade to a more recent version.  Our highly experienced Sage CRM consultants are here to help you assess your options and make sure that the best choices for your organization are presented to you.  There are risks involved and there can be a loss of productivity when upgrading an existing CRM  system.  We want to make sure that the negative impacts to your company are minimized.  We do this by ensuring that there is strong project planning and that the proper course of action is taken at all times during your Sage CRM upgrade.

Our Tactics to tackling a Product Upgrade

At Azamba we have done hundreds of Sage CRM upgrades.  Our upgrade experiences span the spectrum from very simple CRM deployments with little to no customizations to highly  complex upgrades that involve ERP system integrations,  highly customized Sage CRM environments and multiple version upgrades.  Each upgrade brings new challenges which is why you need a team of consultants like the Azamba Consulting Group  that is highly experienced to make sure  your upgrade is completed with minimal disruption.


  • High Level Assessment Phase. It is at this early stage of the upgrade project that your Azamba consultant will review the new Sage CRM system requirements with you, making sure your IT infrastructure will support it. If there are integrations with ERP systems or other applications, it will be during this phase that all the risk points and possible issues will be identified.  Your consultant will also document your current system and its customizations and setup so that they can  identify any functional and technical gaps in an attempt to balance the short term requirements with longer term system goals.
  • Trial Upgrade Phase. The trial upgrade phase of the project is where planning meets implementation.  During the trial upgrade phase your Azamba consultant will go through all the steps required to upgrade your CRM system.  The trail upgrade work is done in a separate (testing) environment that closely mirrors your production environment.  The final step of the trial  is the verification that the data and system functionality is  accurate and working as expected.
  • Production Upgrade Phase. This is the final phase in an upgrade project.  During the production upgrade phase your Azamba consultant will work with you and your team to make sure that re-creating the steps from the trial portion of the project is done in a timely and seamless manner.  Our Sage CRM experience has taught us how to make sure this final step goes smoothly,  as it  is crucial in order to minimize the impact to your business.

Ready to Upgrade Sage CRM?

If it’s time to upgrade your Sage CRM system, get in touch with Azamba Consulting Group. We are Sage CRM specialists that will get it done right!