User Role Definitions

Our Roles:

Success Coach

Your Success Coach is your CRM expert and primary instructor for learning the us-age and best practices of your CRM system. Your Success Coach leads your coach-ing calls and workshops to turn you and your team into CRM aficionados!


Your Concierge is your main line of communication with Azamba. Their job is to make sure that all of your questions get answered by the right people in a timely manner, and to make sure you’re implementation is on schedule.

Our IT Team

Our IT Team, or Technical Support Team, is responsible for setting up and installing your CRM system on the back-end. They are also responsible for handling and responding to support tickets for more technical issues.

Your Roles:

Project Champion

The Project Champion is a member of your executive or management team who takes personal ownership of your CRM implementation. They set expectations and timelines, ensure users are training on and using your new system, coordinates tech and troubleshooting issues with IT, and acts as a liaison between users, managers, executives, and/or partners throughout the project.


The Administrator, or Admin, is the person in your organization in charge of the back-end of your CRM. Once they are acclimated, they are responsible for managing, editing, and customizing CRM to suit your company’s needs. The Administrator is also often the Project Champion.

All End Users / Users

End Users are everyone in your organization who will have login access to your CRM. This can include salespeople, customer service reps, and marketing people.

Your IT Team

Person or persons who handle your technical support.


Person or persons who make up your marketing department (if applicable).

Customer Service Manager

Person in charge of your Customer Service (if applicable). Depending on your company, this may just refer to your customer service person or persons.

Sales Manager

Person in charge of sales. Depending on your company, this may just refer to your Sales Team.