The Administrator is the person in your organization in charge of the back-end of your CRM. Once they are acclimated, they are responsible for managing, editing, and customizing CRM to suit your company’s needs. The Administrator is also often the Project Champion.

Assessment Quiz

This is a set of simple questions designed to ensure Training Videos were watched. There are different Assessment Quizes for different Training Modules.

Coaching Call

This is the set of meetings post go-live between you and your assigned Success Coach to address any problems or challenges that you are experiencing and to ensure a smooth adoption of new habits of CRM usage.


Your Concierge is your main line of communication with Azamba. Their job is to make sure that all of your questions get answered by the right people in a timely manner, and to make sure you’re implementation is on schedule.

Collaboration Space

This is our term for your private Microsoft Team, which is like a private version of Facebook, to communicate in threaded discussions, share files and links, and connect with each other to keep things moving forward.

End Users/Users

 This is all the people in your company who will use the CRM system.

Key Users

This is the people in your company who will have active involvement in deciding the roll out schedule, initial system tweaks, and other critical responsibilities. It will include your Project Champion, Administrator, and possibly one or more of your management team.

Kick-off Meeting

This is the initial meeting to review the OnTrack Schedule, introduce key players, and plan the implementation steps.

OnTrack Schedule

This is the calendar outlining key activities and meetings to keep the project moving forward in at timely, efficient manner.

OnTrack Phase 1

This is the entire process to get you up and running and fully trained on the basics of CRM usage. It includes your assigned responsibilities (tasks), our assigned responsibilities, and joint responsibilities.

OnTrack Stage

Each OnTrack Stage is a series of tasks around a specific goal during your OnTrack Onboarding Process.

Project Champion

The Project Champion is a member of your executive or management team who takes personal ownership of your CRM implementation. They set expectations and timelines, ensure users are training on and using your new system, coordinates tech and troubleshooting issues with IT, and acts as a liaison between users, managers, executives, and/or partners throughout the project.

For a full list of definitions for all roles within your organization and ours, click here.

Technical Information Form

This is the technical and environmental information needed to properly configure your CRM. Have your IT Team or person(s) in charge of your server fill this out to the best of your abilities and ask questions as needed.

Training Materials

This is a general description indicating Training Modules, documents, and other OnTrack materials that will be used to train End Users and Key Users throughout the roll out.

Training Modules

This is a set of Training Videos around a specific topic or User Role.

Training Videos / Anytime Training

This is the videos designed to train users on key system usage. They can be accessed anytime, anywhere via the provided links.

User Role

This is the role and responsibility of the individual Users within your organization. Typically this is departmental such as Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service, and can also indicate management level.