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1. Sign On


2. Start Up


  • WE schedule a partner onboarding call
  • WE help you set sales and marketing strategies
  • WE schedule an accounts walkthrough
  • YOU take advantage of sales and/or marketing training
  • WE help you build an online CRM presence based on your Partner Engagement Level

3. Blast Off


  • YOU send CRM opportunities to Azamba
  • WE help you win new CRM business
  • WE scope the project
  • WE implement CRM
  • WE handle customer onboarding and training
  • WE handle customer CRM support
  • WE back up all our services with a 100% money-back guarantee
  • YOU build a reliable, recurring revenue stream
  • YOU build a reputation as a CRM provider

NO Risk


  • WE do all the CRM work for you
  • WE boost your value to your customers by keeping them happy and profitable
  • WE back up our work with a 100% money-back guarantee
  • YOU get a highly-experienced and well-respected partner, not a competitor
  • YOU add a fully-mature, virtual CRM practice to your organization for $0

ALL Reward


  • YOU increase your revenue with no extra work and no extra investment
  • YOU create stickier customer relationships
  • YOU keep your customers away from CRM provider that also offer your core services
  • YOU build a reliable, recurring revenue stream

“It’s important to focus on what you do best. You can’t be everything to everyone. Having focused on Sage 100 ERP for the last 29 years, that’s what we do best. When our clients need CRM we partner with who we believe is the best CRM resource for our clients, Azamba!”

Allyn Conway

Owner, ACG, Inc. The Allyn Conway Group

“SWK Technologies values our partners, especially those who have exceptional talent and share their unique expertise and knowledge with us. Azamba Consulting Group is such an organization. SWK has come to rely on Peter Wolf and his team of CRM professionals to service and support our customers. Azamba understands what it takes to give SWK’s customers a truly excellent experience!”

Jeff Roth

CEO, SWK Technologies, Inc.

“Azamba’s knowledge of CRM is without doubt. What sets them apart for us is how they treat our customers and their fairness with us as partners. They are truly the nicest people and a pleasure to work with.”

Bill Pfahnl

Senior Manager, Nims & Associates

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