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Azamba Partner Program – Bring CRM to Your Customers

Looking to help your customers and make additional recurring revenue with minimal effort?

Find out how we help bring Microsoft Dynamics and CRM to your customers with our 100% Money-Back Guarantee model.

No Risk. No Investment. No Experience Necessary.

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Get an Experienced & Proven CRM Extension of Your Business


Receive Fixed-Price Solutions & 100% Money-Back Guarantee


Engage in CRM Opportunities Once Out of Reach


Earn Recurring Revenue for the Life of the Customer Relationship


Close the door to competitors that offer CRM


Close on CRM Deals with High Opportunity Conversion Rate (70%+)

Start earning commissions today!

Why Dynamics and CRM?

Modern businesses are finding the systems that got them here aren’t sufficient to move forward because today’s customers are more demanding than ever before.

Businesses need to provide faster, higher quality, consistent responses, each and every time to their prospects and customers.

Sales and services processes that rely on Outlook and spreadsheets, or standalone CRM solutions, no longer serve business needs. They create silos of knowledge and data that create inefficient processes that trip up everyone across the organization and create poor experiences for everyone involved, including prospects and customers.

Worse, management teams are flying blind and don’t have access to critical information to tell them how the business is doing … and how to respond to take advantage of opportunities, or to address growing problems.

CRM is the answer to these needs.

Smart businesses everywhere recognize this and are driving an explosion in CRM adoption. Even if your customers aren’t asking you and your team about CRM, research (and our experience) shows that the need is there and the conversations about it are being had.

Why Partner with Azamba?

You can partner with Azamba to make sure you are part of those conversations.

With Azamba, you get a true partnership where we act as an outsourced practice area for you, your team, and your customers.

You will find that we’re here to help with all facets of bringing CRM to your customers. You can take advantage of the following services:

  1. Sales Enablement – we’ll give you a crash course in the why’s and how’s of CRM so you and your team can properly identify opportunities.
    • Account Walkthroughs – we’ll walk through existing accounts and identify “quick wins” among your current base.
      • Marketing Messaging – we’ll make sure your prospects and customers know that you have CRM capabilities through Azamba-fed and led marketing programs.
        • Pre-Sales and Sales Engagement – we’ll take any interested party through Discovery and Demo and close the sale for you
          • Implementation, Configuration, and Support – we’ll take care of the customer and make sure their investment is successful with our 100% Money-Back Guarantee, fixed fee model.
            • Customization and Long-term Care – we’ll be there long-term to make sure your customers get the care and support they need to customize and maximize their investment.

            Start earning commissions today!

            How does it work?

            You get an outsourced practice arm with Azamba. 

            You own the customer.

            You bill the customer (we’ll tell you what to bill).

            You order the licenses (we’ll tell you what to order).

            You receive margin on all work and software sales for the life of customer.

            You get a happy, successful customer and a nice recurring revenue stream.

            “Azamba continually delivers exceptional customer experiences and helps drive digital transformation for our customers.  I have witnessed repeatedly how Azamba approaches every project with a customer-centric mindset.

            Rackspace recognizes the expertise that Azamba brings to the table, the go-to resource for organizations seeking to leverage the full potential of Dynamics 365 CRM.”

            Jeff Lizerbram
            Solutions Architect, Specialty Domain – US
            Rackspace Technology

            “Azamba has a Positive attitude, always wanting to support our teams internally and our partners with anything they need -training, marketing, webinars etc.

            Our success rates and partner response is always so positive working with Azamba.

            When I get a CRM deal in North America I think of Azamba straight away.”

            Mathew Batterbee
            GTM Solutions Director

            “I’ve always enjoyed working with Azamba because they are extremely communicative and responsive which are critical elements of the P2P process throughout all stages.  

            When it comes time to deliver, the Azamba team of experts are able to navigate a complex process and turn it into outstanding results every time.”

            Blake Cheek

            Pre-Sales Engineer, Ingram Micro

            “It’s important to focus on what you do best. You can’t be everything to everyone. Having focused on Sage 100 ERP for the last 29 years, that’s what we do best. When our clients need CRM we partner with who we believe is the best CRM resource for our clients, Azamba!”

            Allyn Conway

            Owner, ACG, Inc. The Allyn Conway Group

            “SWK Technologies values our partners, especially those who have exceptional talent and share their unique expertise and knowledge with us. Azamba Consulting Group is such an organization. SWK has come to rely on Peter Wolf and his team of CRM professionals to service and support our customers. Azamba understands what it takes to give SWK’s customers a truly excellent experience!”

            Jeff Roth

            CEO, SWK Technologies, Inc.

            “Azamba’s knowledge of CRM is without doubt. What sets them apart for us is how they treat our customers and their fairness with us as partners. They are truly the nicest people and a pleasure to work with.”

            Bill Pfahnl

            Senior Manager, Nims & Associates

            Start earning commissions today!

            Ready to learn more?

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            Sandie Knight is the channel manager for Azamba. Her work in software and channel development