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Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns the customer?

It’s your choice! We pride ourselves on being incredibly easy to work with. You have two options:

  • You control the paperwork and the billing: You provide the agreement on your letterhead, handle contract signatures, billing, and receivables.
  • Azamba manages the paperwork and billing for you: We handle the contract signatures, billing, and receivables, allowing you to sit back and collect those commission checks! Psstt – 90% of Azamba Partners chose this option!
How involved do our people need to be?

Once again, it’s up to you! We believe in giving our partners flexibility. You can choose your level of involvement throughout the sales cycle on a client-by-client basis. They are your customers so if you want to be included on every meeting, that’s your choice.

Most partners prefer a hands-off approach, where we handle everything from scheduling calls to generating proposals and contracts. You can free up time to focus on things in your wheelhouse and let us focus on any CRM-related activites. You and your team can relax and continue collecting those commission checks.

How long is a typical CRM implementation?
We focus on a crawl, walk, run methodology with a quick time to go-live! It can vary due to factors like company size, complexity of processes, and training availability. Basic setups can be completed within 30 days while other implementations can go from 3 to 6 months. We follow a proven, structured implementation methodology to ensure a smooth, successful process in the shortest time possible.
What about Licensing? What is the monthly licensing fee?
Pricing depends on the customer’s purchase. For Microsoft Dynamics 365, Sales Professional licenses are $65/user/mo, Sales Enterprise licenses are $95/user/mo. We also offer CRM in a Can PowerApp for $35/user/mo, suitable for those starting out (note: requires a PowerApps license at $5/user/mo). We will let you know exactly what the customer needs for licenses.
What does a good Dynamics 365 CRM prospect look like?

A good CRM prospect is any organization looking to become more efficient and streamline their processes – sales, services, and, even, operations. A good prospect is a business looking to streamline their processes and provide reports and analytics based on customer behavior. They aim to break down information silos between departments to have a comprehensive view of customer interactions.

What industries do you work with?

CRM is a great fit for any type of business, and we’ve had the pleasure of working with clients across various industries. While we have many clients in manufacturing, distribution, professional services, and financial industries, we are not limited to any specific industry.

What if my customers are too small for Dynamics 365 CRM?
Microsoft Dynamics 365 can indeed be overwhelming for some companies. It offers extensive functionality, which is fantastic, but this can also translate into complexity. For clients seeking an easy-to-use, basic CRM system, we recommend our CRM in a Can solution which has many of the core benefits of the full Dynamics system with a fraction of the complexity and costs. Between these products, we’re confident that one will be the perfect fit for almost any business.
What does the sales process look like? How long is the typical cycle?

For your team, it starts with a simple phone call or lead submission! From there, things can move quickly, and implementation can begin within a few days of signing. In most cases, it depends on the customer needs and timeframes and how fast they are looking to move forward with a decision.

How does Dynamics 365 CRM compare to Salesforce or other CRM systems?

The main advantage of D365 CRM is its seamless integration with other Microsoft products as it makes CRM adoption go smoother which ensures customers maximize return on investment with minimal frustration. Dynamics 365 also provides unprecedented no-code / low-code configuration options to streamline and automate processes with a small business budget. This is a huge point of differentiation and allows customers to do more with less and achieve their goals quickly.

Why Azamba vs. another Dynamics 365 CRM partner?

We are customer-results focused and support our work with a 100% Money-Back Guarantee! We do everything in a fixed fee model based on understanding customer needs and providing best practices and quick return on investments though our proven, structured methodology. We have helped over 500 small- and medium-sized organizations properly achieve their goals with CRM over the last twenty years.

How long does it take to get the partner program off the ground?

With our well-defined onboarding process, you can start immediately after signing up. You’ll gain access to our exclusive “Partner Hub,” where you’ll find all the necessary assets and resources. The Partner Hub serves as your one-stop-shop to review your onboarding progress, submit leads, access marketing assets, review commission statements, check client project statuses, and directly communicate with our Partner team. We’ll work together to identify clients ready to buy, plan joint webinars, provide website copy and graphics, and equip you with everything you need to start offering CRM to your clients and prospects as quickly as possible.

What are the next steps if we're interested in partnering with Azamba?

Fantastic! We’re thrilled that you’re interested in becoming a partner. You can begin your partner journey right away by accessing our partner application form. Once you’ve completed the form, we’ll guide you through the onboarding process, provide access to the Partner Hub, and ensure you have all the necessary resources to thrive as an Azamba partner. We’re excited to have you on board!

“It’s important to focus on what you do best. You can’t be everything to everyone. Having focused on Sage 100 ERP for the last 29 years, that’s what we do best. When our clients need CRM we partner with who we believe is the best CRM resource for our clients, Azamba!”

Allyn Conway

Owner, ACG, Inc. The Allyn Conway Group

“SWK Technologies values our partners, especially those who have exceptional talent and share their unique expertise and knowledge with us. Azamba Consulting Group is such an organization. SWK has come to rely on Peter Wolf and his team of CRM professionals to service and support our customers. Azamba understands what it takes to give SWK’s customers a truly excellent experience!”

Jeff Roth

CEO, SWK Technologies, Inc.

“Azamba’s knowledge of CRM is without doubt. What sets them apart for us is how they treat our customers and their fairness with us as partners. They are truly the nicest people and a pleasure to work with.”

Bill Pfahnl

Senior Manager, Nims & Associates

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