Top 5 Reasons Managed Service Partners Don’t Discuss CRM with Their Customers – And Why They Should

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Top 5 Reasons Managed Service Partners Don’t Discuss CRM with Their Customers – And Why They Should

by | Jan 18, 2024 | Partners

1. They don’t think of it.

Who can blame them? Providing Managed Services is a real beast of a job. It’s no wonder that many providers tune out anything out of their wheelhouse so they can focus on what they’re explicitly paid to do. But someone is talking to their customers about CRM.  

2. Their customers already have a CRM system 

While there are still vast green fields around CRM adoption, it is true that many organizations have already made the leap to CRM. With a failure of CRM installs north of 30% by some measures, the question becomes what their experience of it is. A failed implementation can be a golden opportunity for a service provider to reanimate a failed install and be a value-add hero to their customer. 

3. CRM is not part of their core practice 

Specialization is vital to success, there’s no doubt. In a crowded field of similar providers how do you differentiate? One answer is to leverage Partner-to-Partner (P2P) and extend your reach with allied solution providers focused on other areas of customer opportunity. Did you know that over 95% of Azamba’s hundreds of installs were done working with partners with no CRM experience of their own? 

4. They don’t want to invest in a new solutions focus area 

Working with a company like Azamba, they don’t have to! Azamba brings it all: Sales help, expert implementation, onboarding, and support. Service providers don’t pay a cent to get a whole new practice area! 

5. They fear reputational damage 

That north of 30% failure can be pretty intimidating. As a service provider, that may feel like too high a risk to consider. We’ve got your back on this one. We don’t sell time and material. We sell outcomes, and we back that promise with a 100% money-back guarantee. That means we’re motivated to get to the outcome, not create a huge project. Plus, our crawl-walk-run methodology ensures a high adoption rate and project success. 

The opportunity is here, now, and huge. CRM sales will continue to grow exponentially and with AI now getting embedded into Dynamics with Sales Copilot, interest and adoption will continue to grow. 

Partnering with Azamba now will add to your profitability, create a stronger customer relationship, and open up new revenue streams. 

Contact Azamba today by going to and let’s get started! 

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