Take advantage of ad hoc CRM opportunities! 

Pathfinders capitalize on CRM opportunities as they arise, but do not want to take on the risk and expense of building their own CRM practice and do not want to spend time, money, or other resources seeking out new CRM opportunities.

Pathfinders often prefer to hand off CRM opportunities to a trusted partner early in the sales process to save time and maximize win rates.




Seek out new CRM opportunities!

Explorers generate new CRM business by building sound sales and marketing strategies, but do not want to take on the risk and expense of building their own CRM training, implementation, and support practice.

Once they have found a new opportunity, Explorers prefer to hand that opportunity off to an experienced and trusted partner.




Build a CRM market presence and reputation!

Pioneers want to build a CRM market presence to bring CRM opportunities to them, but do not want to (or are not ready to) build a dedicated CRM practice of their own.

Pioneers engage in direct marketing and sales collaboration with an experienced and trusted CRM partner to create and capitalize on opportunities and to build their brandand sometimes their own CRM practice.











Signed partnership agreement

The partnership agreement is a plain-language contract that describes the responsibilities of both your company and Azamba Consulting Group.

CRM added to website

Including CRM among the solutions or services you provide ensures current and future customers know they can ask you about CRM instead of going elsewhere, and makes it possible for CRM prospects to find you through organic search.

Additional CRM content such as product pages and blog articles can boost your search rankings and make it even easier for customers to find you rather than the other way around.

Joint marketing engagement

Azamba offers many ways to engage in joint marketing to further boost your visibility to CRM prospects, including:

  • webinars
  • speaking engagements (conferences, podcasts, etc.)
  • articles (blog, newsletter, magazine, etc.)
  • email campaigns

Azamba linked on website

Identifying Azamba Consulting Group as your CRM partner of choice adds our unique offerings, years of experience, and extraordinary project success rate to boost your credibility as a CRM partnerand the value of your CRM pitch!





Recurring revenue stream

We pay a generous revenue share for the life of a customer relationship. It’s not a one-time thing; it’s for the entire life of the partner relationship.

Our revenue sharing program covers CRM licenses, as well as all projects and services provided by Azamba. The longer and more often we work together, the more your bottom line grows.

Project scoping and implementation

CRM is all we do, so we make it easy on you when it comes to your customer’s CRM implementation: we do it all.

Our CRM experts have completed hundreds of successful CRM projects over the last decade. We will help your customers find the shortest path to successful CRM adoption.

And because we operate with on a fixed-fee pricing model, your customers won’t suffer any surprises when their project is completed. They will know their total investment up-front, so they can perform their cost-benefit analysis and project viability before committing.

Customer onboarding and training

The best product is nothing without the best practices. That’s why we don’t just help your customers install. We ensure they succeed.

Our OnTrack CRM Success System aligns your customers’ Microsoft Dynamics 365 systems with their businesses, enabling them to maximize their returns on their CRM investments quickly and build even more value into their systems over time.

Ongoing customer support

Our OnTrack CRM Success System includes unlimited diagnostic support, unlimited answers to “How do I do …?” type questions, annual system audits, regular progress calls from a dedicated account manager, and other additional valuable services.

100% money-back guarantee

Your customers deserve to work with a company that delivers on their promises. We back ours up with a full money-back guarantee, so you and your customers can rest easy when you put your trust in us.

Sales support

We will help your sales and consulting teams identify, connect with, and qualify potential CRM prospects.

With your permission, we can also conduct discovery calls and product demonstrations on your team’s behalf.

Annual accounts walkthrough

It is cheaper, easier, and more profitable to sell to existing customers than to find new customers.

Our experienced team will help you identify likely CRM prospects within your existing customer base, creating high-value sales opportunities that will increase your bottom line and can improve customer retention.

Partner Directory listing

CRM copywriting and editing

We offer the following copywriting and editing services:

  1. CRM copy and/or copy editing for product, service, and event webpages and blurbs
  2. CRM copy for insertion into articles and newsletters
  3. CRM copy and/or copy editing for promotional materials
  4. Copy and/or copy editing for Partner Profile Page (see below)
  5. SEO optimization

Testimonials and case studies

Azamba regularly collects testimonials from and builds case studies around successful customers. When a customer you referred to us offers a testimonial or agrees to a case study, we will provide you with the following:

  1. Referred customer testimonial statements
  2. Referred customer case studies (can rebuild to meet partner style guide specifications upon request)

Sales enablement training

Our experienced team will teach your sales team the basics and benefits of CRM and how to identify CRM sales opportunities, including:

  1. CRM basics
  2. Top CRM benefits
  3. Sales features
  4. Customer service features
  5. Marketing features
  6. Ideal industries
  7. Ideal organizations
  8. Questions to ask
  9. Responses to listen for

Marketing enablement training

Our experience team will teach your marketing team the basics and benefits of CRM and how to drive demand through webinars, email campaigns, web/blog content, newsletters, etc. 

Partner profile page

Attract new customers and prospects and improve your search engine rankings with a full partner profile page in our Gemini Partner Directory!

Partner profile pages include a summary section, as well as your areas of focus, location(s), contact info, and links to your website and social media accounts. You can also include an introductory video/image and up to one downloadable file to complete your profile.

Click here to see sample partner profile page!

Landing page design

Azamba offers the following landing page design services:

  1. Hosting at partners.azamba.com.
  2. Layout design (built to partner style guide specifications upon request)
  3. Copywriting and editing
  4. SEO optimization

Email campaigns

Azamba will build, manage, and/or advise email campaigns in support of webinars, speaking engagements, and call campaigns. As part of an email campaign engagement, Azamba offers the following:

  1. Email campaign planning and scheduling
  2. Email campaign preparation, including copywriting, image editing, and document design
  3. Email campaign execution and management

Partner dashboard (coming soon!)

Details coming soon!

Annual strategy session

We will help your team set and evaluate strategies to drive demand and increase CRM revenue, including:

  1. Setting sales strategies
  2. Creating a marketing calendar
  3. Building resources for your sales and marketing team





Your % of CRM license margin




Your margin on CRM services




* For partners who come through a third party (such as a distributor), margins and licensing are subject to that agreement. 

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