CRM Data Migration

Moving to a New CRM System? Do It Right!

Moving to a new CRM system? Do it right.

Your company is  putting in a new CRM system or replacing an existing CRM. Maybe all your customer and sales information is in various spreadsheets and other applications.

What do you do?  Data migrations in general are complex and there are many factors that can have , and are vital in the success of a project.  Migrating data to Dynamics 365 or Sage CRM is no different.  This is where the experience of the Azamba CRM consultants will be invaluable.  Azamba has been doing this type of work for a decade, and with over 300 successful projects, our consultants are the best there are.

To ensure success of the data migration we conduct a full analysis of the existing data, the data to be transferred,  and before we do a final migration we verify the integrity of the data migration by running a series of trial migrations.

The goal of the data migration assessment is that all parties will be on the same page as to what can and will be transferred from your existing system(s) to your new system, get an exact mapping of the data from the current system(s) that will be moved into your new CRM, and to understand the complexities that will dictate the scope of the data migration.


What happens during a data migration project?

  • Pre-Review and Data Migration Analysis Checklist. An Azamba consultant will provide a data migration checklist to gather key information regarding your system prior to the Review and Analysis phase of the project. This will assist in determining the primary areas of focus and identify any areas that need more investigation.
  • Legacy CRM Review and Analysis.  Your Azamba Success Coach and the key stakeholders on your team will meet in order to walk through your current system.  This will determine which entities, fields, and values you would like to migrate to your new CRM.
  • Backup and Transfer of the Data.  Azamba will request a backup and transfer of the data to be migrated with specific backup instructions based on the existing solution.
  • Create Data Mapping and Scheduling documents. Using the Review and Analysis meeting feedback, Azamba will create the migration and scheduling documents that will be used during the migration.
  • Data Integrity Check.  The technical team performing the migration will verify that the data is deemed to be fit for a data migration making sure that the data is readable, not corrupted and  has valid values, links/attachments, etc.

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