Terms of Service

These terms cover all services from Azamba.

  1. “Services”, “Offerings”, “Service Offerings”, “Service Plans”, “Plans”, and “Projects” are used interchangeably to refer to the different Azamba services.
  2. Azamba Team Members. You will work with various people at Azamba. Some of the key roles at Azamba include:
    1. This is a facilitator who will coordinate meetings and help you find and connect with the right resources, training materials, videos, blog articles, etc. and the right person at Azamba to speak with as needed.
    2. Success Coach. This is a functional consultant who will help you define your needs, recommend approaches, provide guidance and training, and help you maximize your return on investment with your CRM software.
    3. Technical Engineer. This is a technically trained expert who will diagnose and resolve technical-based issues and help with setup and configuration of technical elements.
    4. This is a developer who will help customize your system, typically through programming and coding efforts.
    5. Customer Experience Manager. This individual is there to help if you are experiencing quality concerns with any Azamba Services and will help make sure you are getting the proper level of Services.
  3. Standard Business Hours. Standard Business Hours will be defined as 8:30 to 5:00 Central Time and will follow standard US-based Holidays. All service terms are based on those days and hours. Work can be conducted outside of those days and hours by arrangement with appropriate Azamba team members. Additional fees may apply in those cases.
    1. Software Licenses. Our Service Offerings do not cover licensing. You will need to procure proper legal licenses separately from our Service Plans. Azamba sells licenses independently of Services or you may procure Licenses from another source. When acquiring Software Licenses through Azamba, it is a prerequisite that all licensing fees be remitted in full upfront, prior to the commencement of the license ordering process.
      1. Data Migration. If you are coming from another system, our standard Implementation Services include basic migration of Accounts and Contacts through the import of a single spreadsheet of data for each type of data. We will work with you and your team to get the data in the correct format for import. Any other Data Migration needs will be addressed by an Advanced Data Migration Project and subject to conditions and fees within those Offerings.
      2. All Services are paid 100% up-front to schedule and receive Services.
        1. Payments are via Credit Card or ACH only.
        1. The success of all Services depends upon Anytime Remote Access, Delegated Admin, or an Assigned Admin-level User Account so Azamba team members can access and support you properly at any time. If you or your team cannot provide the proper access, it needs to be discussed and agreed-upon before Services begin as the lack of this Access will jeopardize turn around time and overall project success.
          1. Support Response Time. Response Time will vary based on the specific terms of the selected Service Plan. Most of our customers will be on an OnTrack CRM Success Services plan which gives them immediate chat access to qualified personnel. Response Time does not guarantee issue resolution within Response Time as many issues require research, testing, and reaching out to the software publisher which can result in a long resolution time that is out of our control. The following list of Response Times are the target for each Service level but not guaranteed.
            1. OnTrack CRM Premium Success Plan. Our fastest Response Time and typically will be within an hour, during Standard Business Hours.
            2. OnTrack CRM Preferred Success Plan. A reasonable Response Time and typically will be within two to three hours, during Standard Business Hours.
            3. OnTrack CRM Basic Success Plan. A decent Response Time and typically will be within four to eight hours, during Standard Business Hours.
            4. On Demand Premium. You will be connected with a Tech Support Engineer or Success Coach within two hours of receipt of payment.
            5. On Demand Standard. You will be connected with a Tech Support Engineer or Success Coach within eight to twelve hours of receipt of payment.
            1. Escalating Support. If you are on a Basic or Preferred Plan and need a faster response in the case of emergency, there may be additional escalation fees:
              1. Preferred to Premium Escalation. $250
              2. Basic to Preferred Escalation. $500
              1. Unlimited Support Options. Any Service Offering that includes support will be subject to the following terms:
                1. Azamba Technical Engineers will always have final say if a ticket is included in the current Service Offering or will be subject to an additional fee.
                2. Azamba covers all diagnostic efforts related to system or environmental issues related to the current Service. This includes remote troubleshooting and analysis of application errors and system access issues.
                3. Our focus is on CRM and CRM related portions of your environment. We are not IT or database experts. We will work with your internal or contacted IT people as needed to solve those types of problems. You may incur charges from those parties for any such work.
                4. All Support Options assumes Azamba team members have direct, unrestricted, admin-level access. Any limitations on this will slow down and jeopardize our ability to provide prompt and satisfactory service.
                5. Where possible, we attempt to resolve these issues as part of our standard services, but sometimes this will require a separate bid. Some common reasons for a separate bid are:
                  1. Environmental issues beyond our control.
                  2. Data errors due to scripts, automation, integrations, or user manipulation.
                  3. Known software defects that require workarounds.
                    1. Customization or modification requests that are change requests, not tickets.
                    2. Requests to install third-party add-ons or setup a new piece of functionality built-in to the system.
                    3. Requests to come onsite.
                  4. Work done to your system by an outside party – unless it was agreed-upon as covered.
                    1. When tickets arise that are due to a software bug or environmental issue, we will be dependent upon third parties. This will slow down and jeopardize our ability to provide prompt and satisfactory service. In the case of software bugs, we may not be able to provide a resolution at all as it will be dependent upon the software vendor. In those cases, we will do our best to identify and present workaround solutions for your evaluation. Those workarounds may require a separate bid.
                  1. Scheduled Meetings, No Shows, and Rescheduling. The success of most of our Services depends upon interactions between you and your team and Azamba team members. No Shows and Rescheduling will delay and jeopardize successful outcomes of all Services.
                    1. Azamba team members are usually fully booked – sometimes for weeks out from the current day. This makes rescheduling difficult, so it is important to keep joint meetings as scheduled as much as possible.
                    2. All meetings will have a scheduled start and end time. Late arrival will not push the end time.
                    3. Rescheduling will be based on availability of assigned Azamba Team Member.
                    4. Many meetings will require key people from your team. If one or more of those individuals cannot attend a scheduled meeting, your Success Coach may determine you need a reschedule.
                    5. Rescheduling Fees will be based on the following:
                      1. No Shows. $500
                      2. Meeting change request with less than 2 Standard Business Hours notice. $350
                      3. Meeting change request with 24 to 2 Standard Business Hours notice. $150
                      4. Meeting change request with more than 24 Standard Business Hours notice. No charge.
                    6. Additional meetings not specified in the OnTrack Flightplan or your sign-off contract are considered out-of-scope and scheduled only at the discretion of an Azamba Coach.
                  1. Money-Back Guarantee. We stand behind our work. If you feel, for whatever reason, that you have not received the full value of the services described to you, please let us know immediately so we can rectify the situation or provide a refund for whatever amount you feel is warranted.
                    1. This must be requested within 45 days of project completion for those Services that have a delivery date.
                    2. This guarantee is limited to the amount paid for the specific set of Services in question and excludes all software fees.
                    3. For OnTrack and any other subscription services, the guarantee is limited to the last three months of payments.
                    4. This guarantee does not cover any expenses incurred during the project on your behalf.
                    1. Our liability is limited to amounts paid for specific projects.
                      1. Each party agrees to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless the other party from and against any loss, cost, or damage of any kind (including reasonable outside attorneys’ fees) to the extent arising out of its breach of this Agreement, and/or its negligence or willful misconduct.
                        1. Any Azamba Services can be canceled at any time, by either you or us, and you can request a refund per the Money-Back Guarantee. Any open or remaining tasks covered under the Services will be discontinued and considered closed or canceled.
                          1. INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY. All add-ons and pre-existing work brought to the customer by Azamba will remain Azamba property. Customer will have a license to use Add-ons for as long as they remain on an appropriate subscription plan. Any work built during the project specifically for the customer will be owned by Azamba and the customer will have dual rights to retain, modify, use, and keep any such specific work.