Have you ever wondered how to access or display data from external sources within Sage CRM (SageCRM)? I can show you a quick and easy way to accomplish this. Sage CRM allows for linking unlimited external data sources of all different types, from DB2 to Oracle; you can even choose a generic ODBC data source. For this example, I will link my local Accpac Sample Company, Inc., into Sage CRM.

To start, you must be logged into Sage CRM as the System Administrator or as a user with administrative rights. Once logged in, select Administration from the left menu bar, then select Advanced Customization and, finally, Tables and Databases. To create a new database connection, click the New Database Connection button on the right side of the screen. At this point you will be displayed with the Database Details entry screen.


My local Accpac installation uses Microsoft SQL Server, so that is the option I have chosen as my Database Driver. The other driver options available are ODBC,Oracle,Real-time Data View, DB2, SQL- Server, Informix and Sybase. Next, enter in the Server Name and Database Name; these are case insensitive. After that, you can optionally add in the Port Number for the database. In the latest versions of Microsoft SQL Server, the default Port Number is 1433. Next, you must enter in the Database Description; this is the unique caption that will display throughout the system. Finally, key in the Database Username and Password. Once you have all the information entered, click the save button. You will be taken back to the list of Tables and Databases where you can see your new Database connection, now you can start adding Table connections if desired.

Check out next month’s article for more information about creating Table connections.