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CRM Training Workshop Overview

Investing in the training of  your employees on the new CRM system you have just spent time and money implementing is one of the most important investments  your company can make.  A few hours of training can pay huge dividends in making sure you do not waste your resources from system misuse.

When CRM implementations don’t deliver the desired results, it can often be traced back to one specific oversight – the lack of system training.  When your team is properly trained on your CRM system, they will have the knowledge and skills required to make the most of the new system.

Training Options to Match your Business Needs

Azamba Consulting Group is invested in making sure you are successful with CRM.  This is why we offer very experienced Sage CRM consultants for all CRM training modules.  All of our training courses have flexible course content which can be delivered either online or onsite at your offices.  Our training workshops make sure that your employees get exactly what they need, be it full system user training or additional training on more advanced topics and all of it delivered method that works best for you.

Onsite Training Workshop

Onsite training allows users to build CRM skills together in a team setting helping to build collaboration and share the learning experience. Some clients find that onsite training is the most convenient solution in a situation where most team members are located in a single office.

Online Training Workshop

Online training allows users to connect easily from the office or remote locations. Some clients find this to be a convenient training solution in a situation where team members are traveling or work from different locations. Online training can help an organization save on travel costs and also  allows all users to be trained at once.

OnTrack – Our Full CRM Training Program

OnTrack is our full 6-8 week training curriculum program made to fully prepare newcomers to Sage CRM, as well as train more experienced users on CRM’s full potential.

OnTrack uses a combination of structured methodology, online training videos, and conference calls lead by our seasoned veterans to maximize your teams success with CRM.

Questions About Training?

For more information on how the Azamba Consulting Group can assist with Sage CRM training, get in touch below and one of our consultants will follow up. Or give us a call 888.724.3999.