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Get the most from your Sage CRM

Sage CRM toolboxes by Azamba include add-ons, customizations, and solutions designed to augment and enhance your Sage CRM system. Your CRM will be more powerful and more efficient—and so will your team!

Our selection of add-ons and toolboxes is constantly growing, and we build them based on customer feedback and requests. If we don’t have something yet, we’ll build it for you!

At this time, we offer the following ready-made add-ons and toolboxes. All are available à la carte, or FREE for OnTrack Premium and Preferred customers!

You can browse their features in more detail by clicking the links below.

ERP Toolbox

Understand sales trends, boost sales, and improve visibility for your team with the Azamba ERP Toolbox.

Search, view, sort, and run reports on Sage 100 accounting data from directly within your CRM records with or without ERP integration, integration-compatible systems, or extra Sage 100 workstations.

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Dashboard Guru

Transform your data from a collection of information sitting in CRM to something that will deliver real value to your business with the the Azamba Dashboard Guru.

The Dashboard Guru helps you view, understand, analyze, and learn from your data like never before, all from one easy-to-use and easy-to-understand screen.

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Opportunity Pro

Save time and always see the full picture by tracking opportunity statuses inside Sage CRM using invoice information from Sage 100.

Opportunity Pro reads data in Sage 100 and updates opportunities in Sage CRM automatically, with no need to hunt for records, involve other departments, or manually update records in Sage CRM!

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Quota Manager

Always know whether your sales team is hitting their goals with the Azamba Quota Manager.

Quickly and easily enter, edit, and view sales quotas and progress for both individual salespeople and entire sales teams.

Works with both standalone and integrated Sage CRM systems and can support a single manager or an entire management team.

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Person Multi-Link

Track complex, multi-company contacts with ease with the Azamba Person Multi Link.

Sage CRM’s native functionality won’t let you link a person to multiple companies. But with the Person Multi Link, you can track all communications against every person and company involved, no matter how complicated those relationships are!

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