The number one reason to implement the Sage CRM (SageCRM) portal is to improve your bottom line. In these trying economic times this can be a major struggle for any business. The power of a Sage CRM portal gives you to ability to automate features so you can focus on the big picture. Here are some quick tips on how a Sage CRM can help you accomplish your financial goals:

Minimal Setup Cost
Requires little to no costs once setup. The Sage CRM portal runs as a website: once it’s setup, there is no ongoing cost.

Minimal Maintenance
Requires little to no employee maintenance. Unless someone from your internal team is adding enhancements or your server crashes, there is no need to staff someone to monitor the portal.

24-Hour Access
Gives your customers 24-hour access to their accounts in your Sage CRM system – whenever your customer wants to know. Since the Sage CRM portal runs as a website and is found on the Internet, your customers can login at any time, day or night, to get access to previous orders, open orders, service issues, service requests, etc.

Sends your employees and/or account managers alerts when your customers make changes to their account. You can choose to have the Sage CRM portal send updates through text messages or e-mails, or notifications from within Sage CRM, so that your staff stays on top of what their customers are doing.

Real-Time Updates
Updates your internal Sage CRM system in real-time. As soon as your customer makes changes to their account, your employees will see the changes in Sage CRM immediately. There is no “sweep” at the end of the day to grab all of that data  and no need for other integration pieces. It automatically updates your internal Sage CRM system.