Due to overwhelming demand and a record breaking number of posted responses to my previous article The 10 Commandments of Sage CRM to Sage ERP Accpac Integration, I am pleased to present:

The 10 Commandments of Sage CRM (SageCRM) to Sage ERP MAS 90/200 Integration

1. Thou shalt ensure a separate Sage CRM installation is created for each Sage ERP MAS company you are integrating with Sage CRM.

Currently, Sage CRM allows integration to a single Sage ERP MAS company. Therefore, each Sage CRM installation requires a unique SQL database and license key.

2. Thou shalt ensure that the Providex Application Server service is running.

If Providex is not running, Sage ERP MAS is not running therefore Sage CRM will not be able to integrate.

3. Thou shalt prep other Sage ERP MAS  modules prior to Sage CRM integration.

-Accounts Receivable and Sales order must be installed and set up.
-Salesperson Commission Reporting must be checked in Accounts Receivable Options.
-Allow External Access must be checked in Company Maintenance.

4. Thou shalt create a Sage ERP MAS user logon so that Sage ERP MAS can communicate with Sage CRM.

If you do not use Sage ERP MAS security, this is not required. Grant the user access to sales order, accounts receivable and customer relationship management modules. This logon should not be used by any other users – it is explicitly for the Sage MAS ERP Integration Engine to synchronize data with Sage CRM.

5. Thou shalt create a new Windows Domain User (i.e. CRMWEB) to run Integration and the related processes.

Set the password to never expire and set up the user as a member of the following groups: Distributed COM Users, IIS_IUSRS, IIS_WPG, Power Users and Users.

6. Thou shalt include the CRMWEB user in shares to any Sage ERP MAS application folders on the server.

In order to eliminate any confusion, I suggest naming the CRMWEB user specifically in the share versus any group to which it may belong.

7. Thou shalt grant the CRMWEB user full control of any Sage ERP MAS application folders on the server.

Again, to keep things simple, I suggest granting full control of the folders by the CRMWEB user name specifically versus by any group affiliation

8. Thou shalt install integration pieces to BOTH Sage CRM and Sage ERP MAS.

The installation files for both are included in the Sage CRM install media which is bundled with Sage ERP MAS media 4.4 or later. Make sure the Sage ERP MAS-side module is tested from all machines in the environment.

9. Thou shalt ensure that the CRMWEB domain user is configured to run.

Sage MAS 90 and 200 Integration Engine in Windows Services.

10. Thou shalt follow all of the preceding commandments before testing.

Test as the administrator and a standard user from both the server and a workstation.