Confirmed: New Integration For Sage CRM 7.2 With Sage ERP X3

New Integration for Sage CRM with Sage ERP X3


Rumor Control: Confirmed New Integration For Sage CRM 7.2 With Sage ERP X3

The long-awaited update to Sage CRM integration with X3 is coming later this spring and offers a healthy dose of features that immediately put it on par with the existing Sage CRM integrations of Sage 300 and 100 ERP.

Included features:

  • Bi-directional syncing of Customer and Prospect contacts information (Account Reference data, Addresses, etc.)
  • Stable, high-performance synchronization in real-time
  • Access X3 Customer document information in Sage CRM including: Quotes, Orders, Deliveries, Invoices, Credits and Payments
  • Ability add additional customization, via web services, to broaden integration between the applications

This improved integration is an appropriate and much-needed move by Sage. With Sage shakeups in the last year including the sun-setting plan for Sage MAS 500 and the recent sale of SalesLogix, Sage left itself with a terrific opportunity to pair its flagship, enterprise ERP system with the world’s leading CRM application.

The deepening of this product relationship, via the improvements to integration, serves to enhance the positioning of X3 by adding the much-needed, 360-degree view of a Customer that sales people and executives require to stay competitive.

The power of Sage ERP X3 is strengthened by the deeper integration with Sage CRM via not only the core feature set but also Sage CRM’s additional features and benefits.

In this new, integrated world, X3 users benefit from:

  • Improved support of existing customers that now exist in the customer-centric Sage CRM application
  • Full contact management system integrated with X3
  • True sales management tracking via pipelines, reporting and dashboards
  • Marketing and e-marketing campaign management
  • Customer portals
  • And more

The time is nigh! Sage CRM 7.2 is available in the UK and the week of 04/22/13 in North America. The X3 integration is slated for release during Sage Summit 2013. Call your X3 business partner  to chat about getting up to speed with Sage CRM 7.2 and the new integration with your X3 system upon release in July 2013.