First Hand with Sage CRM – X3 Integration at Sage Summit

Get the Details on the Sage CRM – X3 Integration

More Rumor Control! First Hand with Sage CRM – X3 Integration at Sage Summit 2013

As a follow up to my previous article about the impending Sage CRM – Sage X3 ERP integration, I was excited to sit through a couple sessions about it at Sage Summit last week.

The integration is slated to be officially released this month (August 2013) and I was reassured, in no uncertain terms, that it is in the final QA stage and is good to go. With that being said, following are some notes I took on the integration from my experiences with the integration at Summit. Warning and caveat: I was trying to pay attention and scribbling notes frantically, so I’d expect the contents of this article to be more in the range of 98% accurate versus completely so. Anything that I state about the integration that turns out not to be the case is a reflection on me and not Sage; I’ll gladly redact any errors at a later date.

Generally speaking, it’s fair to characterize this integration as “Read Only” in Sage CRM relative to the X3 data; but Tom Nolan (@SageCRMTomNolan) repeatedly hinted at lots more to come in subsequent releases of the integration.

Notes on the integration release:

  • Like its sibling ERP (e.g. 100, 300) integrations, Sage CRM will import Customer records from X3.
  • The integration provides real-time access to (albeit a little limited for this phase 1 release) X3 data; one cool example was a live lookup, from the Company Summary, of the outstanding AR balance.
  • Other available data includes items such as X3 Customer Codes and Credit Limits.
  • A “chain-link” icon appears on the Sage CRM Company Summary Account Panel to designate the record is “linked”.
  • Linked Sage CRM and X3 Company data will sync and update bi-directionally; exact fields will be noted in documentation accompanying the release.
  • Unidirectional integration from X3 to Sage CRM will enable CRM users to see:
    • Sales Invoices
    • Quotes
    • Orders
    • Delivery Documents
    • Credit/Debit Notes
  • The unidirectional integration is based on SData calls from Sage CRM to X3.
  • Prospects entered and classified as such as automatically promoted to X3.
  • Opportunities feature single Quote/Order tab (LOVE THIS!) versus individual tabs.
  • The Quote/Order tab features two grids on the same page, a rarity for native Sage CRM pages, that list out the Quotes and Orders separately.
  • Quotes and Order are still entered via X3 screens popping up, but these screens are popped from a button within CRM (similar to the 100 ERP integration).
  • Quote and Order details, however, are maintained in Sage CRM so that they can be viewed without opening X3 (again similar to the 100 ERP integration).
  • Though I neglected to confirm it from Tom, these facts about the Quotes and Orders make me assume, with high confidence, that the X3 Quotes and Orders are actually mirrored in Sage CRM tables.
  • The promotion of a Quote to Order is still handled through X3 screens.
  • The Sage CRM-side integration screens, lists, and etcetera appear to be MUCH more customizable through the Administration -> Customization area; this is a noted improvement versus such screens for 100 and 300 that are trickier to tweak through the user interface.
  • And though there are only a handful of integrated X3 fields preset to appear in the user interface, Tom showed a massive list of additional fields that are available out-of-the-box and can be used on screens, in views for reports and dashboards, and so on.
  • Relative to the above, Tom did mention that not every element of every screen is customizable and that the documentation is unlikely to specific about the exceptions so some trial and error is going to be needed.
  • Due to the availability of this wealth of linked X3 data, Groups can also be created on these linked fields.

Hopefully my notes have continued to add fuel to your fire about the integration. I am excited about the bringing together of these two great applications and brands. If you also attended the sessions, and picked up anything that I missed, please send it along and I’d love to add it to this article.

Likewise, I look forward to the actual release dropping and will be sure to post the details from Sage, including content and links as available, as soon as we have a confirmed launch date.