How to Merge Duplicate Companies in Sage CRM with Sage 100 Integration


You may have noticed that the Sage 100 integration hides/removes the Merge Company function in Sage CRM and blocks the ability to merge non-Sage 100 company records into Sage 100 linked records. The steps below explain how to get around this by unlinking the CRM Company from Sage 100. Remember that this workaround is not recommended or created by Sage and will not be supported if any issues/errors with data occur as a result.

Before you get started, take a backup of Sage CRM and Sage 100.

Note that only companies without Sage CRM linked Opportunities and without any Sage 100 open Sales Orders are eligible for the directions below.

To merge Sage 100 linked companies and Sage 100 linked ones together.

1.  Find the Sage 100 linked Company Record from the list of duplicates in the Company Search Screen.

2.  Click on a/the record that has a customer number.

3.  Copy and paste the customer number into a temporary location like Notepad to use as a reference.

4.  Check the opportunities tab in CRM to verify that no open opportunities exist for the company.

5.  Click on Maintain Relationship and uncheck the Relate checkbox and Accept.

Sage 100 ERP - Relationship management

       6.  Click Yes on deleting the relationship.

Deleting the AR Relationship in Sage 100 ERP


  7.  Click on Change | Merge Company | and type in the company name that you wish to merge in. You should only see two options here (both of which we will merge in).

  8.  Select either result – since both will need to be merged in.

9.  IF you are unsure about which company you wish to merge, use the Green arrow to take you to a search screen that will give you more information about the company you are selecting.

Merging Company from Sage 100 ERP

  10.  Once the company is selected, click Save.

  11.  Repeat for additional duplicates by staying on this same Company and clicking Change | Merge Company…

12.  Once done merging into this record, click on Maintain Relationship again and link to the customer number that was delinked earlier:

Sage 100 ERP showing how to link a customer

        13.  Once the page refreshes, the company should be linked to MAS and duplicates should no longer exist on the search screen.



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