What Is Mobile Sage CRM?


Mobile Sage CRM is simply Sage CRM on your smart phone or tablet, using either the app or the mobile-version of your Sage CRM web site. It allows your team to access, update, and interact with customer and prospect data, wherever they are.

Mobile CRM is becoming standard business practice. With the proliferation of smart phones, mobile CRM use has skyrocketed.  The Gartner Group recently predicted a 500% growth rate in the use of mobile CRM.


Who Uses Mobile CRM?


Typical users of mobile CRM include:

  • Salespeople
  • Sales Managers and Executives
  • Field Service Technicians
  • Remote Support Staff
  • CEOs and Business Owners
  • Other Mobile Staff


How Can You Benefit from Mobile CRM?


There are several benefits to using mobile CRM, including:

  • Having critical CRM information at your finger tips and at customer sites
  • Shortening your sales cycle by having critical information available in real time
  • Timelier lead follow-up
  • Increasing lead conversion (i.e. increased sales)
  • Updating customer information from the field
  • Scheduling and managing important account activities
  • Viewing the communications history between your company and your prospects and customers
  • Gaining a competitive edge


To Learn More about Mobile Sage CRM,
View the On-Demand “Mobility and Sage CRM” Webinar