Alternative Databases, Custom URLs Welcome in Sage CRM


Sage CRM is robust on its own. Links to external SQL and other databases, creative URLs and other advanced integration make the solution more thorough.

To pull in alternative data sources, System Administrators select Administration > Advanced Customization > Tables and Databases. A click of the New Database Connection button displays the Database Details entry screen.

In another advanced integration trick, administrators may connect to external sources through Web services. When they “Accept Web Request from IP Address,” they must specify the unique IP address from which WSDL (Web service definition language) files should be accessible.

Also in advanced integration in Sage CRM, you can add a tab or page that calls whatever code or source you want as a custom URL.

To whet your appetite:

  1. Navigate from your administrator profile > Administration > Customization > Primary Entities or Secondary Entity > the desired entity.
  2. From Tabs, select the pencil icon in the Customize column.
  3. Choose from System Act the information to be displayed.
  4. Label the tab in Caption and complete relevant fields.
  5. Add and Save.
  6. Select the screen you want the user to see when he or she opens the tab. Your options include Sage CRM screens and lists or those you

Related List actions establish relationships between entities–related cases, communications, companies, opportunities or people.

Entry actions open screen options from which users may create a new call, case, communication, company, lead, opportunity, person, etc.

If all of that is not enough, what about adding information into a dashboard using iFrame? Combine the power of the Interactive Dashboard with the functionality that drives Sage CRM. Through the Interactive Dashboard you may add a URL to the page you want to load, then load it into an iFrame on the Interactive Dashboard. A shim page grabs session information from the dashboard, reads the desired custom page path from the query string and redirects to the custom page in Sage CRM.

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