Don’t Let a Bad Day Ruin Your Company’s Customer Experience Track Record


Let’s all be honest for a second: When you own a business, there are quite a few days when you’re too tired or too stressed or too distracted to make sure you’re delivering a great customer experience. Those days happen for your employees too. Guess who suffers then? Yup, your customers – the people who choose to spend their hard-earned money on your product or service instead of your competitor’s.

Luckily, modern CRM systems can assist you in delivering an incredible customer experience by utilizing automation and workflows. This helps you ensure that your customers receive great service every time, all the time. Read on to learn more.

Keep Your Communications Timely with Automation

In today’s fast-paced business environment, it can be easy to forget about small follow-up tasks and procedures, such as sending an updated quote or maintaining contact with leads who have a delayed timeline. These days we’ve all heard and said, “If I don’t write it down, I’ll forget about it,” but if we forget to write down those client concerns or tasks, it could mean the difference between keeping a customer and losing them.

With Sage CRM, you can stay on top of all your communications and tasks with ease, even if you forget to write down reminders for yourself. Not only is it simple for your business to set a standardized follow-through procedure for all leads, it’s also a breeze to set up alerts and triggered workflows to ensure no customer has to wait too long to get information or resolve an issue.

Coordinate Marketing and Sales with Workflows – Really!

Do the following scenarios sound familiar?

  • The sales team complains because their promotions aren’t being marketed properly, or because they don’t have the materials they need to nurture prospects.
  • The marketing team complains that the sales people don’t tell them what they need until it’s too late, or that the timing of promotions is inconvenient for the current communications schedule.

If you’re finding yourself nodding your head, it’s probably time for you to heal those interdepartmental relations.

Sage CRM helps your sales and marketing teams work together effectively by offering transparency into processes and procedures, as well as empowering your teams with the ability to coordinate their efforts using dual-department workflows. In addition, Sage CRM enhances sales and marketing efforts by segmenting customers into appropriate audiences and then providing metrics that help prove ROI and drive productivity.

Increase Customer Experience by Saving Time

Think back to the last time one of your customer service reps answered the call of a curious customer with a seemingly simple question, such as the number of green widgets in their recent sales order. Was your rep able to provide an immediate answer for the customer, or did he or she need to check with someone else who had access to the data? A delay like that is likely to irritate your customer, especially if they get off the phone and have to search through their own records to get the answer you should have had.

Not only can you avoid running into that problem again by integrating Sage CRM with your Sage ERP, you can also eliminate many other bottlenecks and delays in your customer interactions. How? Use Sage CRM to track the time it takes to address various types of customer queries and concerns. Because Sage CRM offers a comprehensive view of all your customer-related activities, you’ll see where delays occur in the process. When you eliminate those delays, you’ll increase customer satisfaction – and keep your customers returning to do business with you again and again.

A Word of Advice

“We believe that customer service shouldn’t be just a department; it should be the entire company.” –Tony Hsieh, Founders,

A legendary customer experience, like that from, is what can differentiate your company from the competition. Sure, everyone offers customer service, but they offer it because they’re supposed to. Don’t shortchange your customers, delight them.


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