Make Customers Happier with Sage CRM Integration to Your ERP

Modern business management software, such as ERP systems and CRM, can help you speed up business growth by improving productivity and communication, while reducing the amount of time you need to waste on administrative tasks. What happens if you combine ERP and CRM? These ten amazing business benefits:

10. Customer Self-Service

By granting your customers the freedom to check order status, quote details, purchase history, pricing lists, or other helpful information, they’re less likely to tie up your service reps with simple questions, which saves time for both you and your customers. That makes everyone happier. 

9. Easier Customer Onboarding

For large or complex orders, or for specific industries, customer onboarding is a time-consuming process that takes a lot of effort – for both you and for the customer. With Sage CRM integrated to Sage 100, your sales team can streamline the onboarding process, cutting out slow and error-prone duplicate data entry for credit checks, references, contact data, and more.

8. Faster Quote Generation

No matter how talented they are, your on-the-go sales team can’t close on the first try if they can’t provide accurate quotes. When you combine Sage 100 with Sage CRM, your sales team will have access to prices, availability, shipping details and more, so they can quote and close deals fast. 

7. Less Time Spent on Data Entry

Collecting customer data using paper, web-forms, and email is inefficient if you don’t have a fast way to get that data to the departments that need it. Consider: your sales team needs contact data, your accounts receivable team needs payment data, your warehouse needs shipping data, and your shop floor needs order data. Don’t enter that data four times – enter it once by integrating your ERP to your CRM.

6. Controlled Information Access

Though the auto-fill feature for email these days makes it simple to add contacts to your send list, we often don’t notice when we send sensitive information to the wrong people – until it’s too late. If your staff shares info by emailing each other, and also emails customers, they could inadvertently share the wrong email with the wrong person.

With an integrated CRM and ERP system, your employees will have controlled access only to the information they need, when they need it, so they’ll be less likely to make mistakes and send highly sensitive data over error-prone email. 

5. End-to-End Visibility + Forecasting Ability

Need to edit or examine a customer order? Not only will you and your team be able to access customer order details in a snap, you’ll also be able to see past purchase data. This will help you better forecast customer needs, and your own, by identifying ordering patterns and production times.

4. On-Time Answers for Customers

When your customer service, sales, or other customer-facing teams have full, 360-degree visibility over customer order status, they can clear up questions immediately and helpfully. This’ll save you from having to track down information, and will save your customers from feeling frustrated by your lack of immediate answers.

3. Silo-Free Information Sharing

Speaking of frustration, it can be very difficult to keep your cool when you need customer information fast, but in order to get that information, you need to spend hours of time searching for or tracking down small details from a number of people. Of course, tracking down those details becomes exponentially harder when the knowledgeable person has left your company or is on vacation. When you integrate your Sage 100 system with Sage CRM, the records you need will always be just a click away.

2. Focus on Profitable Customers

Falling behind on payments happens for a number of reasons—forgetfulness, lack of funds, anger, or a simple check lost in the mail—but no matter what the reason, you should make sure you’re not sending customers more products if they’re not paying you. With Sage 100 and Sage CRM integration, your sales team will get automatic alerts about past-due customers, so they know which customers are up to date on their payments, and which aren’t.

1. Real-Time Updates

The speed of information moves quickly these days, and if you aren’t up to date with your knowledge, you could get left behind. Don’t let your sales team waste their valuable time with old numbers, old leads, or old-school communication methods. Instead, empower them to see which leads are interacting with your company. It’ll help them sell, and it’ll help you keep an eye on emerging trends.

2x the Software Power Leads to 2x the Business Opportunity

Sage CRM integration with Sage 100 gives you the super-strength of two business software powerhouses – all in a convenient, easy-to-run package that provides increased business visibility. Would your business grow twice as fast and profit twice as much with twice the power? Find out.


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