New Sage X3 – Sage CRM Integration

Let’s face it, most CRM systems out there do a great job at Lead Management and Salesforce Automation but fall short when integrated with back office ERP. This is quite evident in the SMB (small and medium-sized business) space where software manufacturers are more focussed on marketing and selling CRM & ERP seats than delivering a true integrated experience that meet the needs of their end users.

End Users want integrated CRM/ERP solutions that reduce or eliminate duplicate entry while providing an experience where their CRM application is an extension of their ERP solution. The look and feel that CRM is just another operational module and data accessibility and extraction are just a few clicks away.

Sage Software was no different. Back in 2015, Sage endorsed Embu’s X3 Connector (based out of Dublin, Ireland) as the integration framework that users have been longing for. Finally, a solution that tied X3 Companies (Customers), Persons and Addressed with Sage CRM.

Let’s face it, the product was weak and was poorly designed. Updates to contact information on either side were controlled by a synchronization service. This service compared master records in both applications based on their last updated date stamps. Combining this approach with the pinhole sized API of X3 equated to a disaster in design.

The above approach worked very well for companies that had a few dozen customers but companies with thousands of customer records took days to sync between the applications.

Imagine adding a new location (address) in Sage CRM and then waiting two days for this information to sync over to ERP before a Sale Order could be added. Yikes, talk about snail mail integration.

In 2016, Enbu sold their assets, including the X3 Connector to Sage and closed up shop. Since then, Sage has discontinued the X3 Connector and X3 Customers wait in the wings for the next great integration effort. Have you heard about the integration? Don’t hold your breath, Sage is a marketing company, not a development company. Version 3.0 won’t be released until Trump is replaced.

All hopes are not lost though. Greytrix, a Sage Gold Development Partner based out of Mumbai, India was recently recognized with their coveted “Rockstar” status as a Certified ISV Partner for GUMU. This relationship leverages their proven GUMU integration. The same integration that has satisfied Sage 100 and 300 customers for a decade. Greytrix reworked GUMU a couple of years ago to fit with X3 and the end product is astounding.

Some of the great features of GUMU includes:

  • Real-time integration of Customers, Persons and Address records
  • Promoting Prospects to X3 as Customers leverages existing X3 logic for adding customers
  • Quotes and Orders can be created in CRM and promoted over to X3
  • X3 Invoice Data is returned to CRM Company record via a Database View (this data is not stored in CRM and is real-time)

Check it out. You’ll love it.

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If you have questions or need more detail, contact the Sage CRM experts at Azamba.