Behind the Scenes of a Hassle-Free CRM Partnership

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Behind the Scenes of a Hassle-Free CRM Partnership

by | Jan 25, 2024 | Partners

There’s a very common MSP origin story out there that is just fascinating.

It starts with someone maybe 20 years ago who found themselves repairing laptops and desktop computers for friends and family at their kitchen table. After a while, this person listened to all the family and friends who said, “You’re really good at this, you should open a business!” And so, they did. 

The business slowly grew, and over time its focus changed from offering break-fix services to providing managed services to businesses. 

Today that business is employing 10-15 people, and the owner is wearing many hats. Sales, service, operations, and there’s always too much to do when you’re a business owner. 

  • Leads most often come in via referrals.  
  • Every opportunity that comes in gets jumped on because lead flow is so lumpy. 
  • The operation is run on a generalist principle. 
  • And lead flow is not great. 

It’s about being a master of one, not a jack of all trades.


Growing a business isn’t just about offering great products or services; it’s about answering a crucial question for your customers: “Why choose us?”

Marketing’s role is to convey this answer, but first, we need to know what that answer actually is.

It’s all about finding what sets us apart.

When there’s no standout feature, businesses often default to competing on price – a strategy that’s not always sustainable.

Here’s the thing: claiming to have the best team isn’t a unique differentiator. It’s what everyone says.

And the tech specs? To the everyday customer, that’s just tech jargon. They don’t really get into the nitty-gritty of it and, frankly, they’d rather not.

So, what really makes a difference? Specializing. Having deep, niche expertise in a specific solution, paired with extensive knowledge of one or two industries. It’s about being a master of one, not a jack of all trades.

This approach is about understanding your customers’ industry inside-out, speaking their language, and really getting their business. That’s how you build trust.

But, being specialized doesn’t mean being myopic. Just as we focus on our strengths, we recognize and value others’ expertise in areas our customers need.

Here at Azamba, that’s exactly what we’ve done. We’ve honed our brand and know exactly who our ideal customer is. This isn’t just our business strategy; it’s our promise to understand and serve our clients better than anyone else.


As your MSP grows, consider the following:

The 4 Pillars of an Effective Brand:

Differentiation is like the brand’s reason for being. It’s what sets you apart – your unique selling proposition. It’s about effective communication of your specialization – what do best. What verticals are you best at? What patterns do you see in the types of customers you already have?

Relevance means being more than just a brand – it’s about being the right brand for your customers. Make sure your services are not just top-notch, but also exactly what your customers need. It’s about being important and appropriate in their world, not just yours.

Esteem is all about respect and reputation. You’re not just another company; you’ve earned your stripes through consistent, quality work. Your customers know you, respect you, and trust you, so don’t hide that from your future customers!

Knowledge is about you being more than just a provider; you’re a repository of insight and information. This depth of knowledge ensures that you are not only confident in what you’re talking about but also proficient in delivering solutions that are tailored and effective. Customers who recognize this expertise trust you for your proficiency and the value you bring to their specific needs.

Vendors make it so hard. 

Every large tech company must have processes to make sales and marketing programs work. You obviously can’t have different ways of doing things all the time, so the need for process is important. But it sure can be tough for partners to navigate. 

You’ve likely spent years tailoring your processes to match the requirements of your products and the needs of your customers, so it makes perfect sense that introducing a new product might offer unique challenges for your salespeople.

It’s clear that introducing products that expand the scope of your vertical can be hugely beneficial to you and your customers. By offering new services that synergize with your current customers needs, you not only find new ways to create revenue, but also increase the value of your brand to your customer.

Why is this important?

If your customer is interested in a product like CRM, they’ve already done the research. If you’re not staying up to date with their needs, they will find a provider who does.

You’re also probably no stranger to the trials and pitfalls of starting up a new service. Not only do your salespeople need to be trained and knowledgeable enough to sell it, but you need technical support services to maintain and help your customers utilize it. This is where partnerships with likeminded experts can really shine through.

We’ve made “making it easy for partners” the recurring theme of everything that we do.  

We know partners have no time. 

We know partners are hip-deep in details that demand their attention. 

If partnering with us isn’t easy, then we’re no partners at all. 

That’s why we designed our partner program, our sales motions, and our marketing programs to make things easy for partners.  

Here’s how we do it: 

  • We help partners find the opportunities in their install base. It takes us about 20 minutes when we work with Microsoft partners. 
  • We close the sale. We know that most partners don’t have a lot of experience selling CRM systems. Which is why most partners don’t do it. We know how to close CRM sales because we’ve done it hundreds of times. 
  • We invoice the way partners want. Our paper, their paper, it’s all the same to us. Does it work for our partner? That’s what we want to know. 
  • We take care of all the details around implementation, onboarding, training, and ongoing support. Why? Because we know how to do it, and with our money-back guarantee we are going to make our partner look good in front of their customer. 
  • We offer extended marketing support, which we perform and manage on behalf of the partner. Why? Because it makes it easier for the partner. 
  • We pay on time. Because nothing makes a partner’s life easier than frictionless revenue. 

Time to fess up: We have an unfair advantage when it comes to making life easier for partners. 

We only sell one thing. CRM. We don’t have broad overlapping product and services portfolios. 

We are not confused on our go-to-market. We sell through partners. 

We get partners, and we get CRM. 

If you want to seed the ground with opportunities for 2024, with barely any work, and partner with an organization that puts the partner’s needs first, then reach out today to book a call. 

If you want to increase your Microsoft revenue and fatten up that bottom line, then reach out today to make it happen. 

If you want to experience what it’s like to work with a partner that gets you, then let’s do this! 

Visit our LinkedIn page for tons of insightful resources.

You’ll find detailed information about our partnering opportunities, along with valuable MSP webinar content. We discuss tailored solutions and industry-specific knowledge – just a click away on our LinkedIn. Explore now and see the impact of targeted expertise on your business.

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