Azamba Dashboard Guru

Sage CRM Add-On Package

What the Dashboard Guru will do for you

Are you drowning in data? Do you need a way to filter, visualize, and make sense of all the information in your CRM? Then the Dashboard Guru may be just what you need to transform your data from a collection of information sitting in CRM, to a valuable asset that will deliver real value to your business.

The Dashboard Guru helps you view, understand, analyze, and learn from your data like never before, all from one easy to use and easy to understand screen. With the Dashboard Guru, you will be better able to identify and understand issues, trends, and opportunities, and you will always know what your teams did yesterday and what they’re doing today. That means you can make more informed decisions on what you should be doing tomorrow.

The Dashboard Guru offers multiple specialized Dashboards to give you unique insights into your companies, opportunities, communications, and links, and is flexible enough to allow users to filter in multiple ways or change parameters as needed.

The Dashboard Guru also aggregates information from multiple data sources, including ERP, accounting applications, and data warehouses. You don’t just have to rely on the information that lives in your CRM system. If it can be accessed using an ODBC connection, then the Dashboard Guru can pull data from it and create high-value dashboards that give you insight into what is going on across your company, from marketing to customer service and everything in between.

Plus, the Dashboard Guru gives you easy access to the detailed data that drives the dashboards you use. Just hit the “Export to Excel Button” at the top of your dashboard, and within seconds, you’ll have that data in Excel, where you can slice and dice it any way you like.

Once you’re done in Excel, you can push all that information back into your Sage CRM with just one click. No long lag times, no IT calls, and no headaches. The Dashboard Guru effortlessly creates Sage CRM groups using your data, and from which you can create call lists and email lists for whatever you need to do next.

Are you ready to see your data do more for your bottom line? Then make sure you don’t miss out on the value the Dashboard Guru delivers.

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